What are Demi Bras?

What are Demi Bras

What are Demi bras? Bras come in all shapes and sizes. From a t-shirt to a pushup, there’s a flattering option for everyone and every occasion. What differentiates a bra from any other of course, is the overall design.

Whether you’re considering what’s right for you or looking for more variety, it’s always best to get to know your options. In this case, we’re talking about demi bras.

What are they? Is it a good fit for me? Today, we’ll answer all your questions and clear some things up.

What are Demi Bras?

Maidenform Women's One Fabulous Fit 2.0 Tailored Demi Underwire Bra DM7543, Cinnamon Butter, 32A
Source: Amazon

The specific difference between the Demi bra and other bras is mainly the cup itself. Demi refers to half and it’s light padding enables it to support the natural shape of the breast rather than exaggerate.

With Demi’s, there is the same amount of coverage for the entire lower chest area, following a continuous piece of fabric from one side to the other, unlike other popular bra designs, such as the t-shirt or plunge, which have dips in the middle, diminishing support.

Demi bras also have a wide u-shaped underwire that’s evenly arched. They cover 50%-75% of each breast and put an emphasis on the individual’s natural cleavage, rather than pushing the cleavage upwards and together like it would in a traditional push-up.

However, you might be thinking that with a lower cup, you would lose some of the support. Think again, because demi bras can be very supportive.

The way the underwires are shaped, plus the continuous fabric running across the front of the bra actually increases support. Additionally, the wide straps on demi bras enable the weight of your chest to be balanced out on your shoulders without the frustrating sensation of them digging in.

The ideal breast shape for a demi bra is fuller at the bottom than at the top, but overall, the demi bra is quite universal, since the half cup design works for almost any breast shape.

Of course, it’s always recommended to go into a store that offers the design and try it on yourself, but in general, demi bras can combine an adequate amount of convenience and style for your wardrobe without sacrificing functionality.

What are Demi Bras Good for?

Since demi bras mold the breasts to create cleavage without the high cup line, they are great for low-cut dresses and shirts. Pair them with a nice wrap dress or scoop neck shirt.

Plus, with all the extra, open space, you can showcase statement necklaces or scarves without any visual obstruction.

What is a Demi-Cup Bra?

Maidenform womens One Fab Fit Modern Lightly Padded Convertible Underwire T-shirt Dm7543 Demi Bra, Black, 34B US
Source: Amazon

You may have heard demi bras referred to as different things. From demi-balconette to demi pushup, there are actually a variety of demi bras available.

However, the demi-cup bra is the most baseline and traditional version of the design. While “Demi bra” can be an umbrella term, demi-cup simply refers to the traditional half-cup design.

Demi Bra vs Push-Up Bra

By now you know that a traditional demi bra is in no way alike to the traditional push-up bra. The push-up bra exaggerates the bust, whereas the demi bra emphasizes the actual shape of the bust.

Push-ups are also heavily padded at the bottom and on the sides to manipulate the shape of the breasts and push them inward and then up. This also provides ample support, (with the exception of those with deep slits, that make any continuous support from the bottom redundant).

Demi bras, on the other hand, are lightly padded. The main difference is the fit of each bra. Both styles make the chest appear fuller, but a pushup will provide much more cleavage.

Demi Bra vs Full Coverage Bra

A full-coverage bra covers the entire chest. Unlike the demi bra, the full coverage minimizes cleavage.

Full coverage bras are usually worn for work or school and it’s perfect for those with larger busts who want a lot of support. With demi bras, you’re getting a lower cut, lighter padding, and something to definitely spur attention.

Demi Bra vs Balconette

Perhaps the most similar to the demi bra is the balconette. In fact, it can be rather confusing for anyone to tell the difference between the two since most retailers tend to use the same descriptors for both designs interchangeably.

However, there is a difference, even if it’s slight. The demi-bra and the balconette are quite similar, offering less coverage and the balconette has about the same cup length as the demi.

Where they differ is that the demi bra naturally enhances the breasts, but the balconette pushes the chest upwards. More specifically, the bra pays tribute to its name by lifting the breasts to “the balcony.”

The necklines of each bra are also different. Demi bras have a roughly square neckline whereas balconettes have a sweetheart.

What is an Unlined Demi Bra?

DKNY Women's Modern Lace Unlined Demi Bra, Champagne, 32A
Source: Amazon

An unlined demi bra is one without any lining whatsoever. Much like other unlined bras, you will only have 1 layer of fabric in the demi bra.

There is zero padding or foam, unlike regular bras. For some, this means a lack of support, but in general, unlined bras are not necessarily meant for everyday wear unless you’re totally comfortable with low coverage.

An unlined demi bra can have an underwire, as well, but are also made without wires.

There are several reasons that some may choose to wear an unlined demi bra. The first reason is purely for comfort.

Depending on your personal preference, extra bulk from excessive or an even normal amount of padding can be extremely uncomfortable, weigh you down, and feel claustrophobic.

An unlined bra, especially an unlined demi bra, can solve several problems at once. For one, the thin layer of fabric gets rid of bulk and discomfort, making you feel immediately lighter.

An unlined demi bra without wire can also lessen a feeling of restrictiveness. Plus, you’re also free to wear a wider variety of clothing since the neckline of the bra is lower.

Additionally, the lack of bulkiness doesn’t obstruct the shirt on top, because let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than a padded bra that’s all too willing to show up where it’s not supposed to. However, one might choose an unlined demi bra for a different reason.

With an unlined bra, sheer fabric is often used, making the overall appearance more sensual and alluring, hence why they’re often advertised as a staple for date night. Then again, you absolutely don’t have to be going on a date to wear these.

The sheer fabric, depending on whether it’s synthetic or natural, can actually be even more breathable if you’re prone to overheating especially during the hot months.

What is a Double-Layered Bra?

A double-layered bra is quite the opposite of an unlined bra. It really means that the bra has cups with a second layer of fabric inside.

These bras provide even more coverage and support than a traditional full coverage bra. There are double-layer demi bras available, which could be a great option for someone with a larger bust looking to still have the benefits of a demi bra fit and shape.

What are the Best Demi Bras?

There are dozens of demi bra options available, so we’ve done a bit of the work for you and curated a list.

1. Iris & Lily Women’s Cotton Demi Bra

Designed in Europe, this beautiful bra comes in a sleek black and steel color. It is thinly padded but has wide straps to provide ample back and shoulder support.

With it’s elegant cut, you can’t go wrong with this staple.

Iris & Lilly Women's Cotton Demi Bra, Pack of 2, Black, 38B
Iris & Lilly Demi Bra | Source: Amazon

2. Calvin Klein Constant Convertible Strap Demi Bra

When you hear Calvin Klein, you think of quality. This bra adjusts with a convertible strap feature and is extremely flattering on the chest.

According to reviews, it fits comfortably in a variety of sizes, and with colors in nude, white, and black, you’re sure to want one for every outfit.

Calvin Klein Women's Constant Convertible Strap Lightly Lined Demi Bra, 32B, bare
Calvin Klein Demi Bra | Source: Amazon

3. Maidenform Women’s One Fab Fit Original Demi T-Shirt Bra

This t-shirt version of the demi provides slightly more coverage without sacrificing the natural boost of a traditional demi bra. In addition, you can get it in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns which is great for either showing off or blending in.

Maidenform Women's One Fab Fit T-Shirt Bra,Classic Stipe Print,32A US
Maidenform Women’s One Fab Demi Bra | Source: Amazon

4. DKNY Women’s Soft Tech Unlined Demi Bra

A great example of an unlined demi bra, this soft and sheer bra feels weightless on the skin. The lacy cups create a dainty and elegant look, fit for any outfit in need of some flare.

DKNY Women's Soft Tech Unlined Demi Bra, Storm, 32A
DKNY Women’s Soft Tech Unlined Demi Bra | Source: Amazon


Everyone deserves a flattering and supportive bra and not to mention, a good variety of designs to choose from. Demi bras can offer a lot of benefits for the individual and your wardrobe, from comfort to styling.

Of course, the best thing to do before buying anything is research and figuring out your preferences in advance, but ultimately, there’s a demi bra option for everyone and we’re certain there’s definitely one out there for you.

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