Should You Wear Underwear With Pajama Pants?

Should You Wear Underwear With Pajama Pants

Should you wear underwear with pajama pants? Many people are divided on whether or not they should wear pajama pants to bed. Some would say that sleeping with underwear on defeats the purpose of getting cozy, while others believe it’s a hygiene issue. Humans aren’t created equal so it’s no surprise that people have different preferences when it comes to this issue.

Wearing What Makes You Feel Most Comfortable

As everyone has different preferences and styles, there is no clear answer on how you should dress for bed. Some people prefer to wear pajamas with underwear; some others rather sleep with nothing on at all.

The question is, does it make a difference? What matters most is what you feel comfortable in. Getting a good night’s rest is an important recipe for a productive day. However, there are some arguments to support why you should or shouldn’t wear underwear to bed.

Health Consequences of Wearing or Not Wearing Underwear to Bed

The main reason why this topic fuels so much interest has to do with health concerns. Does going commando during bedtime negatively impact your health? According to a published research study, it doesn’t. Whether you go commando or not does not affect your health at all.

Men tend to question this more than women do. The reason is, there is conflicting advice given to women about this topic. Some even say men who wear underwear for too long can lower sperm counts, causing them issues when trying to conceive. However, these rumors have not been proven true and there is no scientific evidence backing those claims.

When it comes to women sleeping without underwear on, there could be some health concerns involved. Even though a majority of women can sleep with nothing on, there is a small percentage of women that can develop infections from prolonged underwear use. Women that are prone to yeast infections, itchiness, and irritation would benefit from going to sleep without underwear on.

Bacteria and yeast thrive in moist, dark, and warm areas. Women who are confined to underwear use for an extended period of time have a higher risk for developing such infections, especially if they’ve suffered from them in the past. It is advised for women to wear breathable fabrics and cotton if you insist on wearing underwear to bed.

Wearing Underwear to Bed Does Not Affect Your Fertility

Should You Wear Underwear With Pajama Pants

As mentioned above, one main reason why men rethink their underwear habits is the notion that it may stunt their fertility

According to the research, if a man is looking to conceive a child with their partner, there is no difference if they wear underwear or not.  The results of the study showed that the type of underwear men wore had no impact on fertility rates. The study analyzed the compounds that were in the men’s semen and the amount of time it took for the couples to be able to conceive.

Even though studies have shown it makes no difference whether or not underwear affects men’s semen counts, the jury is still out on the types of underwear that may cause issues. Studies have shown that men who wear tight underwear experience an increase in the temperature of their testicles, resulting in poorer semen quality. Wearing tight underwear under your pajamas to bed may negatively impact the semen count, so it is advised to wear loose-fitting underwear to bed.

Overall Hygiene in Relation to Underwear Use Under Pajamas

Even though there are no known or proven consequences to wearing underwear to bed, hygiene does come into play. If someone decides to wear underwear to bed under pajamas, the only article of clothing that would need to be frequently washed is the underwear itself. However, if you decide to wear pajamas without underwear, there is clearly a need to have to wash your pajamas more frequently to protect against infection.

Having to wash your underwear more frequently is easier than having to constantly wash your sheets and pajamas. For one, overwashing can cause certain fabrics to fade or wear out much quicker than underwear. Underwear is also cheaper to purchase, making having to wash them more frequently than pajamas or sheets way more cost-effective.

How much you sweat also plays an important part in whether or not you should wear underwear under your pajamas. Sweating can cause bacteria to grow if you’re wearing underwear, which can cause infection. Also, the more you sweat the more frequently you will have to wash your underwear and pajamas.

What Happens if You are Living with Roommates, Parents, or Children?

Should You Wear Underwear With Pajama Pants

If you live alone, whether or not you wear underwear to bed really doesn’t matter. However, when you live with other people, this could become tricky.

If you have children in the house, there is no telling when they will barge in. The last thing you would want is to have children walk in and see you naked down below. This also rings true for parents and roommates. You can find yourself in a very awkward situation.

Does Your Partner Mind

When deciding whether or not to sleep with underwear on, it’s important to also take note of how your partner feels about it (if you have one). It is possible that your partner feels uncomfortable sleeping with you without having underwear on under your pajama pants.

Perhaps they worry about hygiene. Maybe they are the ones who do your wash and they don’t feel the need to frequently wash the same pajamas or sheets on a daily basis. Even though it seems trivial, it is an important conversation to have with your partner.


Whether or not you wear underwear to bed is clearly a personal preference. There are reasons why you should, but there are also arguments out there as to why you shouldn’t.

This all depends on whether or not you live with other people, hygiene concerns, or just overall comfort levels. There is no serious harm in wearing underwear to bed, even though if you do, you should opt for breathable loose-fitting underwear.

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