Real Rose Quartz vs Fake

Real Rose Quartz vs Fake

Real rose quartz vs fake. For rose quartz jewelry aficionados, this gemstone is to be preferred over other gemstones for its aesthetic beauty, value, and emotional healing properties.

To them, it’s a must-have piece of precious stone, not only to add elegance and confidence to their appearance and unique beauty to their jewelry collections but to add more support to their emotions.

However, out there, on the market, inferior and fake stones are often sold in place of real rose quartz. Thus, deceiving people with their appearance to part with worthless things having no aesthetic value or emotional healing properties, are the very motivating factors people seek for these precious stones.

Real rose quartz vs. fake has become a battle that every lover of this gemstone is willing to win to restore confidence and trust in these gemstones. Before delving deep into how to tell real rose quartz from the fake, a historical perspective of this gemstone, adding weight to why its purity must be protected from the fake, must suffice.

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Rose quartz gets its name from its lovely pink shades and the Greek word halos, meaning glass. The gemstone has a long history of being used for crafting jewelry and other art objects.

Perhaps it was the Assyrians and the Romans who were the first to use rose quartz rock, around 800-600 BC. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians believed that this stone had magical powers.

For this reason, the stone was used by them as protective talismans. The Egyptians made use of this stone as an anti-aging remedy. It was used by the Romans as a seal to indicate ownership.

In the Middle Ages, the stone found use in the healing potions of medical practitioners. There are several legends related to the stone’s ability to attract love and heal anger.

Today, because of the alluring colors and hardness of rose quartz, it is used both as a gemstone and as an ornamental stone. Not only that, in modern times, this gemstone is considered both a birthstone and a wedding anniversary stone.

It’s the birthstone for January and is also connected to the second and fifth wedding anniversaries of couples. Gifting this precious gemstone to couples on their second and fifth wedding anniversaries is thought to strengthen love, increase fertility, and reduce anger in their marriage lives.

How to Know if Your Rose Quartz is Real?

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As previously stated, there is fake rose quartz out there that will deceive you into parting with your money due to their seemingly rose quartz appearance. Given the prevalence of fake rose quartz on the market, the importance of having some background knowledge on how to tell if your rose quartz is genuine cannot be overstated.

A summary of the deciding factors or distinguishing factors between the real and the fake is given below. Real rose quartz often lacks good transparency.

Due to their hardness, they can easily scratch a steel file. When you are testing crystalline rose quartz, remember that the color will fade if exposed to light. Also, since this variety is very rarely found, do not expect to see it at most jewelry stores.

Often, colored glass is also sold in place of quartz. If you suspect this, check for bubbles in the stone. The presence of bubbles in the stone proves that it is not a real quartz crystal.

Genuine rose quartz will be slightly cool to the touch. This means that if your real rose quartz is stored in the same location as glass, it will feel slightly cooler.

Although this temperature change is not a drastic or severe one, it’s quite noticeable. Also, real rose quartz, when placed in the sun, or any place super warm, or when simply worn, its temperature will automatically change to warm.

If, however, you do not notice this temperature change, this may be a clear pointer to what you believed to be real rose quartz being fake. A red flag!

Secondly, you can tell fake rose quartz from genuine by simply watching out for air bubbles in it. Because the fake ones are always made from dyed glass, they will normally have air bubbles in them, which you can use to tell them apart from the genuine ones.

Note, however, that the air bubbles, which are a pointer to fake ones, are not to be confused with the inclusions, crevices, and natural cracks normally common with mostly natural quartz.

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Thirdly, you can use its heaviness to ascertain if it’s the genuine one or one of the numerous fake ones out there. Natural quartz in general and rose quartz, in particular, are naturally heavier than glass, albeit slightly.

Thus, a large piece of rose quartz naturally is expected to be pretty heavy. When you notice the absence of this feature, the probabilities are very high that what you have before you is a fake. It should be a conclusive red flag for you. Run!

The next test you can do to ascertain the genuine rose quartz from the fake is to measure its hardiness. You can easily do this with Moh’s hardness scale. Due to the hardness of rose quartz, it can easily scratch a steel file.

On Moh’s hardness scale, glass is rated at five while quartz, including rose quartz, is rated at seven. Therefore, a supposed rose quartz that can’t easily scratch glass should be sending you some red flag signals already.

Again, their prices can also send you signals, either to run or to stay back. Rose quartz is a precious gemstone and, naturally, should attract a matching value in money.

Therefore, for any supposed rose quartz that has a ridiculous price or a price that is too cheap to be real. Please kindly do well to have a rethink before doling out your money on it.

Finally, if you are buying your crystal via online shops, do well to deal with credible and reputable online retailers. Most of them have proper testing techniques, making it easy to tell if a crystal is properly labeled as genuine or not. You can rest assured that you will receive genuine rose quartz without having to worry about it.

Difference Between Real Rose Quartz and Fake

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Real rose quartz differs from fake rose quartz because they are simply different! What genuine rose quartz and fake ones genuinely have in common is that they are different from each other.

Therefore, some of the differences between them are listed below in no particular order.

Rose Quartz is found in pegmatites, which are coarse-grained igneous rocks. Due to this formation, rose quartz is almost always found as large specimens with no crystal edges.

It never forms crystal faces. Therefore, if you are being sold a pink-colored crystal formation, it could be dyed quartz. Fake!

Real rose quartz is a precious crystal, quite rare, expensive, and small. Therefore, anyone with a relatively low price tag is most likely selling dyed quartz or calcite. Rose quartz that is fake or synthetic!

Another difference between the fake and the real is that the latter is less fragile. The fake one is made from dyed glass, which is more fragile.

Another area of difference lies in their respective weights. Natural crystals are heavier and denser than fakes. They weigh more than glass.

Note: The list is by no means exhaustive. What we have listed above are only the most common and noticeable differences to help you understand what you are purchasing.


Rose quartz is one of the most widely known and used quartz crystals. Its properties are noted to usher in love and calm in marriages and are greatly valued.

However, due to this and its increasing demand, there is an influx of fakes in the gemstone market. This reality leads to real rose quartz vs. fake scenario.

The lovers of this precious stone are faced daily with this market. With the background knowledge we provided in this piece to help you tell genuine ones from fakes, we are optimistic that your confusion on this topic is in the past.

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