Is Marriott Vacation Club Worth it?

Is Marriott Vacation Club Worth it?

Is Marriott Vacation Club worth it? Marriott Vacation Club is the most well-known and widely used timeshare service. When you’re looking for a perfect vacation spot, the company you work with matters.

So is Marriott vacation club worth it? Today, we are discussing the details to see whether Marriot Vacation Club is right for you.

Is Marriott Vacation Club Worth it?

Is Marriott Vacation Club Worth it?

Deciding whether MVC is worth it or not really depends on the person and the family. Marriott Vacation Club offers more than 60 resorts and 13,000 villas across the globe. However, Marriott is definitely a bit pricey, with prices ranging in the thousands.

You can certainly get some great discounts on trips that would’ve otherwise cost you more on an individual basis. Plus, you’re getting a more luxurious and personalized experience, but at the end of the day, you have to ask yourself exactly how much vacation time you’re willing to allow.

If you and your family are big on traveling, joining Marriott is worth it, but if you only take one vacation per year, you’re better off spending money on the singular experience.

How Does Marriott Vacation Club Work?

Usually, with vacation clubs in general, you would register and pay the base membership fee. Then, you would pay an additional membership and maintenance fee by the month or the year. The club then gives members a discount that can be applied to vacation destinations on specific dates.

Marriott Vacation Club, it’s a timeshare ownership and exchange program. You can accumulate points the more you travel. A starting points package is usually $24,500 in exchange for a minimum of 2,500 points up to 3,999 points, referred to as PlusPoints.

The amount of PlusPoints used for each vacation varies depending on the time of year. You’ll have access to hundreds of destinations and experiences, while also enjoying Marriott’s renowned hospitality.

The club offers resorts, properties, cruises, adventure travel, and guided tours. As an owner, you will receive an annual amount of points you can use as currency for your next vacation. You’ll then have one year from the last closing date to use your points or they expire.

If you can’t spend all of your vacation points within the year, one of your options is to bank your points. After you’ve banked your points, you can get a usage extension of around 4-6 months. You cannot borrow your points back, transfer them to another owner, or bank these points again.

Marriott Vacation Club Pros and Cons

Marriott Vacation Club Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Marriott Vacation Club.


  • They have a flexible point system.
  • You have access to a wide resort network.
  • There are often last-minute discounts.
  • You can find great deals on the timeshare resale market.
  • Marriott owners can go through Interval International (a separate Marriott company) in order to access locations/properties outside of the Marriott network.


  • Your points don’t automatically roll over.
  • You can expect additional fees.
  • Marriott Vacation Club price points are very high and can sometimes wind up costing you more.
  • Traveling during in-demand seasons like winter and summer can result in the points necessary for vacation varying in the thousands.
  • Buying a timeshare is never an investment and they actually depreciate the second you purchase one.

Is Marriott Timeshare Worth it?

Marriott Timeshares can be a gamble, but if you travel enough, you will most likely find the arrangement beneficial. However, we recommend you go for a member-based timeshare.

This way, you can access the full resort network and still technically have ownership, without the hassle of handling the property. With a deeded property timeshare, there are still benefits.

You can rent it out if you’d like, but if you can find one in a location you absolutely love, you’ll also have a dedicated space to enjoy it.

If you are going to do a deeded Mariott timeshare, make sure to buy it on the resale market. Usually, resale timeshares are sold at a heavily discounted rate, getting you the best deal.

Ultimately, a timeshare can be a lot of fun, but you have to think about your traveling patterns. Whether a timeshare will work for your specific situation given the price packages combined with your available time throughout the year.

Who Owns Marriott Vacation Club?

Who Owns Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriot Vacation Club was originally owned by Marriott International. However, after becoming a publicly-traded company, the club now resides under the ownership of the new parent company, Marriot Vacations Worldwide.

The brand owns locations in the United States, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, Marriott Vacation Club has over 400,000 “owners” or members.

 Is Marriott Vacation Club a Timeshare?

Marriott Vacation Club is a timeshare program. MVC functions on an “ownership” basis and timeshares are also referred to as vacation ownership.

With Marriott Vacation Club, you basically own property several weeks out of the year and have access to different properties within their designated locations.

However, Marriott offers two different types of timeshares, one that is member-based, which is what we’ve mainly discussed, and the other is deeded, which means it’s then your responsibility to sell or rent. Member-based timeshares are usually preferred since you have access to different destinations.

What is Marriott Vacation Club Pulse?

What is Marriott Vacation Club Pulse?

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse is a branch of Marriott Vacation Club. It is a recent addition to the Marriott brand, but this relatively new timeshare program offers memorable experiences in big cities.

Pulse focuses on the urban lifestyle and gives those staying staple activities of any city-dweller. From nightclubs and high-end restaurants, all the way to jazz clubs and the late-night taxi ride home. Pulse is the go-to option for those seeking a more urban scene, while still maintaining a luxury stay.

Pulse is a step away from Marriott’s traditional business model, which has usually promoted an image of families enjoying tropical beaches and ski resorts.

In fact, Pulse’s purpose is very different from the original intention of the timeshare, which was to offer a place specifically outside cities for people to vacation. Nonetheless, Marriott’s venture into the city has been met with very positive feedback.

The program has five different destinations, including Manhattan, Boston, San Diego, South Beach, and Washington D.C. A great feature of Pulse is that existing Marriott Vacation Club members/owners do not have to purchase more points to stay at a Pulse location.

However, make sure you plan your trip ahead, since getting a reservation at one of these locations can be incredibly difficult due to high demand.

Can Anyone Stay at Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation Club is a members-only program. The most that members can do is transfer over points to a separate individual who is also a member.

However, members are welcome to bring guests on their trip or let them stay under their name.

On the other hand, you do not have to be a timeshare owner to stay at a Marriott Vacation Club resort. There are rental options available and if a property listing is on Marriott’s public website and doesn’t require any member identification, then it is technically available for reservation without other special expectations or requirements.

Does Marriott Vacation Club Allow Pets?

Does Marriott Vacation Club Allow Pets?

Unfortunately, the club does not allow pets at any of the resorts with the exception of guide and assistance dogs. So if you were looking to bring along your fury friend over vacation, you’re better off leaving them in the care of a separate dog hotel or with friends. Of course, if you’ve already traveled all the way to the resort and you still have your pets, each resort may handle the situation differently and possibly ask for an additional fee to be paid.

How Much is Marriott Vacation Club Membership?

The base package for membership is $24,500, not including any other closing fees or dues. There are also additional annual membership fees and club dues required.

However, certain applicants may be able to qualify for a finance plan. Compared to other vacation clubs, Marriott Vacation Club is on the more expensive end.

Some of the cheapest vacation club options from other companies start at just $5,000. The more you pay, the more points you have available for travel, but unfortunately, the prices for different levels can vary so much. There aren’t other specific price points available.

On the bright side, maintenance fees go toward improving and maintaining the resort. Club dues are used as a reservation reserve for banking and borrowing points. Additionally, if property taxes rise, so will the price of your timeshare.

If you’re looking for a timeshare option, there are different contracts that go along with the points packages. Whichever contract and points package you choose will vary on the time of year you plan to travel, as well as the popularity of the resort.

So the more popular your choice is, the more points you will need and thus, the more you’ll pay.


So, is Marriott Vacation Club worth it? The answer really falls on you, the reader.

Everyone’s traveling habits are different. Deciding whether to take part in MVC is a big decision, not just because of the cost. Before you make a commitment, be sure to think about your and your family’s needs. That way, you’re getting the most memorable experience possible.

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