Is Citizen a Good Watch Brand?

Is Citizen a Good Watch Brand?

Is Citizen a good watch brand? Citizen timepieces are among the most well-known in the world.

That does not, however, imply that they are excellent. Nevertheless, you would be given a glance at what you should look after for you to make your decision on the brand.

In this article, I would emphasize Qi the Citizen brand, while answering important questions asked by the majority.

History of the Citizen Brand

Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Chronograph Mens Watch, Super Titanium with Leather strap, Weekender, Brown (Model: BL5551-06L)
Citizen Eco-Drive Brycen Chronograph Watch | Source: Amazon

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. (Shichizun Tokei Kabushiki-Kaisha) is, in itself, a Japanese electronics company best known for its watches. It is headquartered in Nishitokyo, Tokyo.

It is the parent firm of American watchmaker Bulova, as well as a manufacturer of tiny devices such as calculators.

Japanese and Swiss businessmen co-founded the corporation in 1930. It acquired the Shokosha Watch Research Facility (established in 1918) as well as some of the facilities of the Swiss watch designer Rodolphe Schmid’s assembly business in Yokohama, which he created in 1912.

Schmid trademarked the Citizen brand for watches he marketed in Japan in Switzerland in 1918. In the 1920s, Count Got Shinpei encouraged the establishment of this brand in the hopes of making timepieces more accessible to the general population.

Until World War II, Citizen’s expansion was based on Swiss technological transfer.

Does Citizen Make Good Watches?

Yes, Citizen watches are a great combination of price and quality. The timepieces are made with high-grade materials and have excellent quality control.

Only a few watch brands, such as Citizen, are completely vertically unified, meaning they have complete control over every step of their watch production.

Where are Citizen Watches Made?

Citizen is one of the world’s most vertically integrated companies. All of the components are manufactured in-house in Japan but some production also occurs in China. Citizen has a factory that is responsible for making mechanical watches in Japan, while China handles the production of quartz watches.

Are Citizens Luxury Watches?

Citizen defines luxury as exquisite, intelligently designed items that respect people and the environment holistically, rather than as flashy or expensive ornamentation. So you could consider citizen’s watches as a luxury, but only in the terms of the luxury brand.

Are Citizen Watches Respected?

Citizen Men's Chrono Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap, Silver, 22 (Model: CA0690-88L)
Citizen Chrono Quartz Watch | Source: Amazon

This technology is not only extremely powerful, but it is also extremely environmentally friendly. Citizen says that the technique could have saved over 10 million wristwatch batteries from being discarded.

Another advantage of Citizen watches is that, despite being one of the world’s largest watchmakers, they remain an ‘under-the-radar’ option. When it comes to value, Seiko is frequently mentioned. Casio comes to mind when people speak of tactical chic.

However, when it comes to watches, Citizen is rarely mentioned, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t respected.

Citizen timepieces are of excellent quality, especially considering the price. Even the harshest watch critics will agree that a Citizen wristwatch is of excellent quality.

Citizen has even struck deals and formed relationships with major corporations, such as Disney. This merely goes to illustrate how well-known this brand is, and the level of respect the citizen watches would get regularly.

Does Citizen Make Automatic Watches?

Citizen manufactures automatic watches. The automatic watch lineup is powered by Miyota Movements developed in-house. Automatic watches are self-winding and as long as you wear them, they will store up enough power to keep going for about 36 hours without any additional movement.

Citizen’s first automatic watch was the Citizen Automatic (model CA4010-54E) which was introduced in 1977. This model was available for purchase in 1978 as a limited edition of 5000 pieces and came with a silver or gold plated bracelet.

Is Citizen Eco-Drive a Good Watch?

For ultimate ease of ownership, these Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive timepieces can be fueled by any source of light, not just the sun.

The solar cells and backup battery utilized in Eco-Drive watches, according to Citizen Watches, can last up to ten years. They further mentioned that the lubricants utilized in the manufacture of these watches are designed to aid in longevity since the oil would not harden or dissipate over 20 years.

For the bottom line, the Citizen Eco-Drive is a good watch with all of the desirable features: EcoDrive recharge (no batteries required), Titanium shell and band (ultralight), sapphire crystal (won’t scratch), water-resistant (save for scuba diving), and a clean face with just a date window.

Which Citizen Watch is Best?

When talking about the best citizen watches, it wouldn’t certainly be just one, since some might offer what the others can’t.

The following is a list of some of the best citizen watches to consider, while searching for the best for yourself.

1. Citizen Bj7000-52e Nighthawk Eco-drive

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel, Pilot watch, Silver-Tone (Model: BJ7000-52E)
Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Watch | Source: Amazon

Citizen’s Nighthawk line of watches has developed some of the finest aviation timepieces available. Many people consider the Nighthawk to be the greatest Citizen watch ever made.

The Nighthawk series embodies everything cool about pilot watches, from its intricate display to its entire wrist presence. The Citizen Nighthawk Eco-Drive blends the pilot style with some of the brand’s most innovative technologies.

The BJ7000-52E is known as a 42millimeters metal quartz wristwatch featuring a date mechanism, dual-time indicator, and even a pilot’s slide scale at 8 o’clock.

The wristwatch is water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it ideal for everyday use from the beach to the pool. The watch also has luminescent hands.

2. Promaster Professional Diver Citizen Bn0151-09l

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Quartz Men's Watch, Stainless Steel with Polyurethane strap, Blue (Model: BN0151-09L)
Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Watch | Source: Amazon

Citizen’s Promaster Professional Diver is one of their top products. Almost every community recommends this watch as one of the finest dive or tool watches.

The Promaster is known as a 48millimeter ISO-certified dive wristwatch with a quartz movement, unidirectional bezel, and 4 o’clock crown that screws down. The watch also includes Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, making it the greatest Citizen Eco-Drive watch available.

The dial of the Promaster is simple blue lighting with a little branding. A prominent feature is the date complication, which is located at 4 o’clock instead of the standard 3 o’clock location on most diving watches.

The wristwatch is also ISO-certified, so you can wear it anywhere from the office to diving.

3. Titanium Eco-drive by Citizen Bl5250-02l

Unfortunately, one of the citizens’ best watches has been decommissioned. Citizen discreetly introduced one of its best watches over ten years ago, long before the ‘watch boom’ that followed from forums and blogs.

The BL5250 is known as a 43millimeter quartz wristwatch with a lot of functionality.

The watch’s case is made of titanium, making it both light and robust. Eco-Drive technology, a chronograph, and an alarm clock are all included.

The fact that it also has a constant calendar mechanism at the 4 o’clock crown position is why this timepiece is so well within the watch community. Citizens managed to cram a lot of useful technology into a small, attractive compact.

4. Citizen Corso

Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Quartz Mens Watch, Stainless Steel, Classic, Silver-Tone (Model: BM7330-59L)
Citizen Corso | Source: Amazon

Dress watches are frequently accused of being excessively simple or formulaic. Many wristwatch brands will label a dress watch if it has a slim casing and a brown face without any complications.

The Eco-Drive Dress Wristwatch (AO9020-84E), also known as the Corso, Citizen takes a new approach.

The Corso is known as a 42millimeter silver metal dress watch with a stylish design. It also has a 333-foot water resistance rating. Over a plain black dial, it has Eco-Drive innovation and a natural crystal pane.

The watch’s best feature is its unusual chronograph design. Citizen employs the Chrono complication to highlight the day and date rather than employing the Chrono as a timer.

5. Eco-drive Citizen Avion

Citizen Eco-Drive Avion Chronograph Mens Watch, Stainless Steel with Leather strap, Weekender, Brown (Model: CA4210-41M)
Citizen Eco-Drive Avion | Source: Amazon

Watches made of silver stainless steel are beautiful, but they’re also common. Most watch users find even a small amount of color distracting, which is unfortunate.

But properly utilized colors like on the Eco-drive Avion would do a lot of good

A gorgeous rose-gold 45mm body contrasts with a vivid blue dial in this watch, making it a winning combo. Eco-Drive, a Chrono mechanism, and luminous hands are all included in the watch. It also has a natural quartz face and is water-resistant of 10 meters.

With its dial spacing and overall prominence, it is inspired by aircraft watches. It’s also one of the more attractive watches on the list.

It has a big dial with crisp white digits that are easy to see.

Are Citizen Watches Real Gold?

Citizen make watches with genuine diamonds but not with genuine gold. Instead of using genuine gold, the Japanese company creates gold-toned watches, which have a golden layer of paint applied to the case and strap.

There is no genuine gold in gold-toned timepieces, which means Citizen watches are not real gold.

What is the Most Expensive Citizen Watch?

Currently, the most expensive citizen watch is the Eco-Drive lineup. Although there have been rumors that the Citizen brand possesses a private sub-brand that creates watches worth more than $100000, it’s still a rumor till proven true.

Are Citizen Watches Worth Collecting?

Citizen timepieces do not keep their worth well long enough and are frequently depreciated due to their current affordable nature. As a result, they’re a lousy investment because you’ll virtually lose money if you decide to hold and sell for a profit in some years’ time.

Citizen watches just do not keep their value, which is a simple reason, but they’re certainly a good pick if you’re just in search of handwear without future appreciation in monetary value.

Do Citizen Eco-Drive Watches Need New Batteries?

There is no need to replace the battery. Eco-Drive is known as a light-powered watch technology that captures light and converts it all into energy utilizing an internal solar cell.


Citizen is a well-known brand with a long history. It is among the few watch manufacturers that are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology.

It also strives to provide the best value to its clients by keeping pricing low.

Another desired feature of citizens is the fact that they have a watch for almost everyone. Citizen is a leader in every watch category, with attractive models available at every price point.

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