Is Amethyst Expensive?

Is Amethyst Expensive?

Is amethyst expensive? In antiquity,  the most valuable gems were known as cardinal gems. They included Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst.

These were the gems most valued for their rarity and the ones most associated with royalty, religious authority, and magical powers. The only difference between this list and the more recent concept of precious gems is that amethyst no longer appears on the modern list.

What happened? The answer is that extensive amethyst deposits were discovered in South America in the early 19th century, and amethyst was no longer regarded as a rare gem.

Despite that, the rich purple hue of amethyst still retains its allure in modern times, and gem collectors still seek out particularly fine specimens. But perhaps the most surprising thing about this stone, which once held the world in awe for its precious status as sapphire, lies in its price, which makes the question “Is amethyst expensive?” very useless.

Amethyst is very affordable, even at the higher grades. Prices for high-quality cut stones are typically in the range of $20 to $30 per carat, with particularly fine pieces around $40 per carat.

This gem, which is durable and suitable for all kinds of jewelry, is very clean and completely untreated and can be found in large sizes.

Why is Amethyst Expensive?

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Well, your likely answer in this state is as good as mine. Why is amethyst so expensive? Perhaps this question should be framed better.

Why, despite the precious status of this gemstone, a gem once lumped into the category of sapphire, is very cheap and affordable. It’s very cheap to be a precious gemstone that once held the world of fashion to a stop with its cool, amazing, luring, and rich purple hue.

Thus, to all our amethyst lovers, you can satisfy your jewelry taste without necessarily breaking the bank. Amethyst is not only cool, beautiful, and refreshing, but it’s also friendly and refreshing for your pocket.

How Expensive is Amethyst? 

Centuries ago, there would have been a high probability that we would not have been here today discussing the prices of this gemstone very rich in meaning, as it was not available to common people.

In other words, it was not only the embodiment of the affluent, it was very expensive, quite out of the reach of the average man. However, the good news is that many things have changed in our world.

One of those changes has to do with this stone. It’s no longer a reserve for the rich; everybody can now comfortably afford it.

So, if you want to buy something nice for yourself or a loved one, buying this purple gemstone should not be out of your affordability list.

Unlike other gemstones, where the larger they are, the more they will cost, amethysts do not have much of a carat value difference. The grade of this gemstone, which is mainly determined by the clarity and color of these purple gemstones, determines the cost value of these purple gemstones.

Brazilian amethyst prices range between ₹ 300 and 400 per carat ($4 to $6) and are usually higher than other origins because of superior color quality. On the account of better clarity, African amethyst (amethyst from Zambia) can also command decent money, though that may differ from one stone to another.

On the other hand, faceted amethyst gemstones from India may sell for as little as $2 per carat.

What is the Most Expensive Amethyst?

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Well, one thing is always true of natural AAAA amethysts—they always stand you out from the crowd. That’s the same way their prices stand them out from other amethysts.

These are the cream of the crop and constitute a minuscule 10% of the world’s annual harvest of the mineral. Natural AAAA amethysts have a middle-of-the-line dark purple color, and perfect hues, and these amethysts are also eye-clean.

You don’t need a magnifier to see that these specimens of amethyst are prestigious and free of crystalline imperfections, which is why they command the highest price.

While natural AAAA amethysts are the most valuable and most expensive type of amethyst, following closely on their heels are natural AAA amethysts, which are rated as the second most valuable type of amethyst. They account for 20 to 30% of all global amethyst production from various regions, producing a beautiful midrange purple color that penetrates deep into the crystals.

Is Green Amethyst Expensive?

This type of amethyst has a lovely light green color that adds a touch of elegance to any jewelry piece. It has always held the world in awe, not just for its elegance and beauty, but also for its spiritual significance and healing properties.

Perhaps no amethyst has been associated with nobility and high social status more than this green amethyst throughout history. Because it happened so rarely in nature, only royalty could afford it in antiquity.

Coupled with the belief that wearing these beautiful green gemstones would bring fortune and wealth, they were the exclusive preserve of the rich.

However, nowadays, like with other types of amethyst out there, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to add a dazzling green amethyst to your collection. They are affordable and natural to find, meaning that you can buy them in the form of loose gemstones or jewelry sets.

Is Pink Amethyst Expensive?

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The answer is that the prices of all types of amethyst are relatively cheap. Amethysts are among the world’s most affordable precious gemstones.

However, among the various types of these purple gemstones, pink amethysts stand out for their value and rarity. Of course, their prices are still affordable.

However, what makes pink amethysts special is their history and beautiful splendor. They have a very young and fresh history. They are a fairly recent discovery in the world of crystals and gemstones.

It was discovered very recently in Patagonia, Argentina, and draws its pink color from the inclusions of hematite within the structure of its crystal. Thus, because pink amethyst has only ever been found in Patagonia, it is considered a rare and valuable form of amethyst.

Are Amethysts More Expensive than Diamonds?

Apart from the documented fact that until the discovery of large amethyst deposits in Brazil during the early 19th century, amethyst was considered a precious gemstone comparable to diamonds and other precious useful gemstones. There should not be a comparison between amethysts and diamonds, as the latter prices do not come anywhere close to matching those of diamonds.

As we have said so far, amethysts are among the world’s most affordable gemstones. Their prices can be afforded without anyone breaking the bank. Brazilian amethyst prices range between ₹ 300 to ₹ 400 per carat ($4 to $6) and are usually higher than other origins because of superior color quality.

On account of better clarity, African amethyst (amethyst from Zambia) can also command decent money, though that may differ from one stone to another. On the other hand, faceted amethyst gemstones from India may sell for as little as $2 per carat.

While amethysts are generally affordable, the same can’t be said of diamonds. For diamonds, their carat weight, cut, color, and clarity determine how much they will cost.

The more flawless and colorless the rock, the higher the price. Thus, a 2-carat diamond can cost as little as $7,000 and as high as over $60,000, whereas a good value, good quality 2-carat diamond should cost you around $16,000-$21,000.

Which is More Expensive Amethyst or Sapphire?

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The simple answer is: sapphire is more expensive than amethysts. No types of amethyst come anywhere close to matching the price of sapphire.

For instance, purple sapphire, also known as violet sapphire or plum sapphire, which is very close to amethyst in color, costs more than amethyst. Purple sapphire is a precious gemstone variety of the sapphires from the corundum mineral family, whereas amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone of the quartz mineral family.

Large amethyst crystals are very common and available in just about any carat weight you want for $10 or less a carat, as opposed to sapphire crystals, which are rarer, much smaller, and very much more expensive. The same carat weight of the latter would cost many thousands of dollars, whereas the same carat weight of amethyst may cost $100.

Which is more Expensive Amethyst or Blue Topaz?

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Blue topaz and amethyst share some features, which can sometimes make it a little difficult to know which is which. One of these similarities comes in the form of their color, blue.

Topaz is a mineral occurring in rhombic prisms, generally yellowish and pellucid, also colorless, and of greenish, bluish, or brownish shades. It sometimes appears massive and opaque. It is a fluosilicate of alumina and is used as a gem.

On the other hand, amethyst is a variety of crystallized quartz, of a purple or bluish violet color, of different shades, used mostly as a jeweler’s stone.

Despite these similarities, blue topaz is more valuable than amethyst, which means that it is more expensive. The reasons are not far-fetched.

Blue topaz is becoming increasingly rare, making it one of the most popular and sought-after gemstones among jewelry collectors.

Which is More Expensive Amethyst or Tanzanite?

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While both are beautiful gemstones that jewelry lovers have used to boost their confidence and add a beautifully unique feel to their jewelry collections, the truth is that tanzanite costs more than amethyst.

Why does tanzanite cost more than amethyst in value and price? Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones to ever exist. It is relatively new in the world of gemstones.

This precious stone is mined only in one known location, in a small area in the northern region of Tanzania, Merelani. While both tanzanite and amethyst are considered one of the world’s most affordable gemstones, tanzanite is more expensive and valued than amethyst.


Given the high-value amethysts once commanded in the gemstone world before their discovery in large quantities, jewelry lovers naturally ask one question which interests them more: is amethyst expensive?

From what we have said so far in this article, the prices of these purple gemstones were once the exclusive preserve of the rich. But nowadays, almost anyone can afford them.

They are cheap and affordable, despite adding a unique beauty to your jewelry collection and appearance.

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