Is a Disney Cruise Worth it?

Is a Disney Cruise Worth it?

Is a Disney cruise worth it? Indeed, spending time together with our families on vacation is a memory that lives long after the moment it was created.

Furthermore, a family cruise vacation can be something for your children, who will have images of flashy activities in a floating hotel, delicious foods, quality services, and much more, splitting their young memories in soothing relish.

Yes, a Disney cruise can be that enticing fantasy vacation.

However, when you consider your pocket and the holes to be punctured in it, you begin to activate that innate, inbuilt rational thinking— you become a philosopher trying to philosophize or ask questions. These questions can be summed up as follows: is a Disney cruise worth it?

Well, while Disney Cruise is on the relatively higher side compared to other cruise lines, depending on your budget and other factors, it’s worthwhile. What to consider is what is included and what isn’t included. That should be a better evaluative parameter.

While a cruise isn’t exactly an all-inclusive vacation, you will find that much of your family vacation is covered at one rate. Here’s what you’ll get with your fare on the Disney Cruise Line, in addition to their amazing service.

Your kids will be entertained with kid-friendly and amazing live shows on the Disney Cruise Line. Also, you and your kids will get to see popular Disney stories like Frozen, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, along with original shows.

However, that depends on the ship. Your kids will equally be able to enjoy completely scintillating, energizing, and unparalleled kids’ clubs showing themes like Star Wars, Marvel, and Toy Story. Other packages lined up for you and your kids are movies, rotational dining, character meet and greets, and so on.

When you check all these and more, you will realize that Disney is worth it if you have a deep pocket for it.

Are Disney Cruises Worthy for Adults?

Are Disney Cruises Worthy for Adults?


Well, yes. It’s worth it. However, that depends on an individual and their particular tastes. Whether you are going with your kids or alone, a Disney cruise promises you a wonderful experience.

Going with your kids on a Disney cruise, nothing can quantify the created bond, the special time or moments spent ensuring your kids of your presence, of your time, of your closeness. However, even without your kids, the Disney cruise has got you covered. There are several interesting packages to give you a memory to take home

There are plenty of adult-only activities to enjoy, proving that Disney Cruise Line is for adults too, but also that the creators of the ships cared enough about them to focus on adult-only activities. There are trivia nights, nightclubs, and specialty tastings (yes, with alcohol), to name a few. DCL also offers adult-only excursions at some ports.

Almost everything you will find there is made or prepared in such a way that both adults and kids will appreciate it. Thus, the generalization that only kids stand to gain from a vacation to Disney World is not true.

Kids and adults alike will find the time and money spent on this vacation worthwhile.

Where Do the Disney Cruises Leave From?

Well, Disney cruises have several ports of departure drawn from various countries. With this, you’re bound to have different choices at your disposal.

Today, we will help you find a Disney Cruise Line home port near you and get you ready for magical moments by land and sea. Whether it’s the starting or end point of your cruise adventure, each city offers its unique flavor, sights, and sounds—and a golden opportunity to experience another destination.

So what are these ports of departure?

First, there is one in Barcelona, Spain. This world-class European destination is remarkable for the mild climate and cosmopolitan ambiance it offers.

This port of departure is worthy of exploring, with architecture from medieval times garnishing your experience and leaving you lost amid sparkling parks, moving nightlife, museums, and Catalonia’s culinary delights.

Next is the port of Rome at Civitavecchia, Italy. This port enjoys fame for being a major transportation hub, which connects major cities such as central Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Tunis, and Barcelona.

Another departing port in Copenhagen, Denmark. This port is described as a blend of the old world and cutting edge. It has the reputation of being one of Europe’s most visited port cities and serves as a living inspiration for many people.

The rest are Dover in England, which is famous for its dramatic white cliffs, which served as a focal point of defense and attack during both the first and the second world wars; Galveston, Texas, which is famous for its southern charm; Honolulu, Hawaii; Miami, Florida, which gives you a perfect cruising adventure with its sizzling Southern Beach scenery, pastel skyscrapers, and New World cuisine; New Orleans, Louisiana, which is dubbed the “big easy”; New York; San Diego, California; Southampton, England; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Port Canaveral, Florida; and Vancouver, Canada, blending the best of urban living and the great outdoors.

Are Disney Cruises All Inclusive?

Are Disney Cruises All Inclusive?

Yes, Disney cruises are all-inclusive. It’s a perfect cruising vacation, squeezing everything you and your kids and spouse need into meaty flesh just for you to have enough memories to take home with you as an everlasting souvenir.

Disney cruises, apart from being a tonne of money and you being on a boat, have got a lot more to offer you. These are some of the things to watch out for on an all-inclusive cruise.

Although, when compared to other cruise lines, Disney cruises may appear to be expensive. But you get so much for your money on a Disney Cruise. Once you pay for your cruise fare, taxes, port fees, and gratuities, you don’t need to spend another dime to have a magical time.

What to get? First, is the quality of service the company is famous for.

Every employee is trained to provide their customers with the absolute best service, whether they’re serving your dinner at Palo or keeping the pool deck dry. Every cast member you see offers a smile and a “Have a magical day!” and is always available to help if needed.

Secondly, you get so many magical characters sharing your ship’s space with you.

Thirdly, movies and shows. They show First Runner movies in the theater onboard. Every night promises a Broadway-style show in the theater, which is mixed with impressive and energetic talent, and which never loses its charming spell on you!

Thirdly, you will have fun with water fun. Your ship boasts two pools and one slide.

Fourthly, you get a stateroom boasting a split bathroom to make your morning preparation a whole lot easier. Other things to get on a Disney All-Inclusive cruise are exercise, food, castaway cay, and other magical amenities.

Why are Disney Cruises So Expensive?

Well, it’s common knowledge that value attracts value. Value is not picked from the floor, it’s getting through labor and extra labor, thus high value must attract matching deep pockets!

Disney is famous for evoking feelings of childhood joy and adult luxury. It channels a lot of energy and effort into providing services that provide a perfect blend of children’s and adults’ fun.

Not only do they give kids memories to last them for years, but they are also famous for the luxury they provide adults with.

While it’s no argument that the Disney cruise line is more expensive than other cruise lines, apart from the reasons stated above, this brand offers you what you can get only at Disney. No disputing it, this brand offers you more seasoned varieties in terms of the location or destination they take you to.

They offer different cruises, each with a destination in mind. They provide you with something that other cruise liners do not—they have their private island in the Caribbean. There are so many other things that make Disney expensive that we would rather leave you to experiment on a first-hand basis than be told.

In short, Disney is so expensive because it offers you higher value.

Are Disney Cruises Safe?

Are Disney Cruises Safe?

Well, the world is changing, bringing with it a new normal that is changing the faces of many things we are used to. One such is the prevailing COVID-19 reality on the ground, which has continued to pose health risks to all since its entry.

Since the entry of the virus into every aspect of our lives, cruising has been deemed too risky. While Disney theme parks, water parks, and resorts across the country reopened, Disney ships sat locked and empty.

This begs the question, are Disney cruises still safe in the face of this global health reality? Well, Disney cruises are not too safe, just like everything else has become since the pandemic.

However, they put the following measures on the ground to beef up your security from human and non-human elements: all guests 12 and older must be fully vaccinated and must provide a negative COVID-19 test before embarkation. Kids aged 11 and younger must provide a negative test result within the window of five days to 24 hours before sailing.

Documents for all passengers must be uploaded to Disney Cruise Line’s Safe Passage website before boarding. In addition to the pre-cruise testing, all guests must take another PCR test at the cruise terminal on the day of boarding. There are also measures to protect you from other security concerns posed by humans.

Is Disney Fun for Adults?

Yes, Disney cruises are fun for both adults and kids. They have a lot of amenities that appeal to all demographics. They have a tradition of giving both kids and adults loads of fun, translating to a positive experience.

As noted earlier, they are famous for evoking feelings of childhood joy and adult luxury by channeling a lot of energy and effort into providing services that offer a perfect blend of children’s and adults’ fun. Not only do they give kids memories to last them for years, but they are also famous for the luxury and fun they provide adults with.

Yes, it’s fun for adults who are entertained with a lot of amenities matching the value of their money even as they solidify bonds with their spouses and kids.

Are Disney Cruises Worth the Money?

Yes, a capital yes. From all we have said, one thing strikes the mind most—they offer their patrons higher value than other cruise lines.

Disney is a brand of dream which stands for prestige, happy moments, wonderful experiences, and a choice vacation spot. So, the money spent on attracting this high value in all judgment is undeniably worthwhile.

As we pointed out earlier, every dollar spent on a Disney cruise translates to your kids having to be entertained with kid-friendly and amazing live shows on the Disney Cruise Line. You and your kids get to see popular Disney stories like Frozen, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast, along with original shows.

Your kids’ being available with completely scintillating, energizing, and unparalleled kids’ clubs showing themes like Star Wars, Marvel, and Toy Story and you going home with unforgettable memories and lots more.

Is Disney Concierge Worth it?

Is Disney Concierge Worth it?

Yes, they are. Disney is famous for the quality of service they offer you, with the bulk of this service coming from the concierge. Their concierge hosts are remarkably attentive and beautifully wonderful.

They are assembled to achieve one goal—to truly add to your experience of sailing on Disney Cruise Line and sailing on Concierge Level. They are specifically assigned to assist you with almost all your needs. For instance, they change times for different reservations that you had booked before boarding the ship.

In a nutshell, yes, they are worthy of it.

Is Disney Cruise Crowded?

One thing underlines this brand and its philosophy—giving its guests the best experience possible. One such way of realizing this was by buying their privately-owned island.

Thus, while other cruise lines tend to go to the same islands, crowding them in the process, this brand bought their private island called Castaway Cay.

As a result of this, not only does this give their guests a sense of uniqueness by going to a different island from other people, but this smart move ensures that a situation common in other cruise lines. Where the islands become packed with tourists all trying to do the same thing in a limited amount of time is avoided.


The Disney cruise line is a choice vacation spot for you, your kids, and your spouse. It leaves you with a memory that beats with life—a testament to money well spent.

Are Disney cruises worthwhile? Yes, they are.

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