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Are Scarves Still in Style?

Are Scarves Still in Style?

Are Scarves still in style? When you talk of trends, fashion is one of the fastest. Scarves happen to be a timeless and practical item you wouldn’t want to live without in the past.

The question now is are scarves still in style?

We have been doing well in checking trends, though you can dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. But how are fashionable women wearing scarves this year? This and more will be explained.

Are Scarves Still in Style?

MaaMgic Womens Large Soft Cashmere Feel Pashmina Shawls Wraps Light Scarf, Tan
Source: Amazon

Yes, scarves are still trending. Scarves happen to be some of the most sought-after accessories right now. Scarves have returned to be fashionable in 2022, especially when you wear them on your hair.

During winter, scarves are very trendy, and this is because they can be fun when you style them well. However, you shouldn’t let the heat stop you from wearing them during summer.

Scarves are one of the biggest trends, and whether you wear them tied around the face, headscarves, bandanas, neckerchiefs, or even as tops, they are stylish.

Last season, chunky scarves were also known as a style staple, while Acne’s checkered scarf also trended. One other scarf style that also joined the quilted texture trend is the puffer scarves. Though it can be tricky to pull off, it looks cozy.

However, skinny scarves also made a comeback, and this can be seen in Dua Lipa and Ganni’s Spring Summer collection for 2022 which was showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Are Neck Scarves Still in Style?

There are fashionable scarves you can wear while putting on that attire.

But are neck scarves still in style? Yes, neck scarves are still in style. It can be worn on a new outfit, or an old one.

Wearing a neck scarf on an old outfit can change the old feeling to new. Neck scarves have been worn by even men around their necks while wearing their blazers.

Undoubtedly, you can loop a scarf around your neck. But you must match it with your outfit. You can use a large silk neck scarf and fold it in half around you.

Wearing a scarf around the neck can be integrated into an urban, office, or chic outfit, and this means that it will be superlative. Neck scarves can never go out of style.

Most young ladies like to pair their outfits with fancy neck scarves which makes them appear fancy and attractive. All you need to do is to fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck.

Note that the design and the way you tie it around the neck are very important! If you plan to wear neck scarves, then note that you can wear them with any type of outfit.

Are Burberry Scarves Still in Style?

Yes, in this current fashion trend, Burberry scarves are always in style. They are timeless pieces that are neutral and can match practically any outfit you have, which makes them a cold-weather staple.

Another good thing is that the Burberry plaid pattern can be recognized instantly, which signals to others that you’re posh enough to wear a designer item.

Having a classic Burberry scarf in your wardrobe is, without a doubt, a good fashion investment. When you look at the material and its durability, you won’t be wrong if you buy one.

When compared with other items that are made of cashmere, Burberry fabric cashmere scarves are durable and gorgeously soft on the skin.

Are Blanket Scarves Still in Style?

Wander Agio Womens Warm Scarf Square Shawls Infinity Scarves Stripe Big Plaid White Red 4
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Blanket scarves can be larger than other scarves and also have more materials. A blanket scarf can be square too, but even oversized rectangle scarves can be classified into the blanket scarf category.

Most times they can be complicated to tie especially when you’ve never had a blanket scarf before. But if you want to have a genuinely eye-catching appearance, then they make an excellent option.

A blanket scarf is a perfect addition to any autumn or winter ensemble because they are comfortable and stylish to wear.  The truth is that a blanket scarf is a must-have accessory for every lady.

Whether you wear skinny jeans or a flowing midi dress, they are warm and look fantastic. The only thing that you need to know is how you can style them right.

The good news is that your favorite celebrities and fashion style stars can provide plenty of inspiration for you. So, in case you’re thinking if you can go on rocking this cold-weather essential, then you can as it is one of the fashion statements that’s trending.

Are Ruffle Scarves Still in Style?

Double Layer 100% Silk, Floral Ruffle Silk Scarf, Summer scarf (Black/White)
Source: Amazon

Ruffle scarves are back in a big way as many continue to shift their focus from more sleek silhouettes. Ruffle scarves are trends that are here to stay.

It isn’t something that you should miss while dressing up.

Ruffle scarves come with a multi-layered look and flowing silhouette, and require minimum effort as you add maximum style. Indeed, they’re the perfect throw-on-and-go item every woman must have.

Ruffle scarves are not just attention-grabbing, they are part of the trend’s appeal. Now you can go on to behold the colorful designs, floral patterns, and polka dot prints it has!

They can also be mixed with ruffle dresses, tiered skirts, and ruffle detail jumpers.

Are Sashay Scarves Still in Style?

Fashion Handmade Knitted Ruffle Scarf,Red Heart Sashay Yarn Shuffle - White and Beige
Source: Amazon

Yes, Sashay scarves are still in style. They are probably America’s most purchased and used item on the market when looking at scarves.

When you use just 6 stitches across, you will have almost 1 foot of extra scarf length from 1 ball if compared with other brands on the market. However, if you see someone wearing a ruffle scarf, there are chances that it is probably Sashay.

Are Oversized Scarves Still in Style?

63"*63"Oversized Women's Traditional Retro Scarf Wrap Tassel Fringes Floral Poncho Shawl Printing Shawl
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Yes, oversized scarves are still in style. They are known to be a giant version of a scarf that’s very big as your regular blanket.

They can be very warm, comfortable, and cozy, and they are trending this season. Oversized scarves are extremely versatile as makeshift ponchos or capes, scarves, and shawls, and can even be used as a blanket.

Oversized scarves are a statement on their own, and when you talk about styling oversized scarves, celebrity stylist Tiffany Briseno says she tends to concentrate on proportions as this particular accessory has the potential of creating a bold shape.

Are Infinity Scarves Still in Style?

NEOSAN Womens Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf Twist Khaki
Source: Amazon

Yes, infinity scarves are still in style. They can look uber chic and unique on the neck.

But besides a winter scarf with coats, most times I usually wear a small scarf in the upper pocket of my suit jackets and blazers and it looks good. So I will say that infinity scarves can never go out of style.

Wearing an infinity scarf style is a fashionable way you can remain warm during colder months. All you should do is wrap the scarf in a single loop around the neck, then cross the scarf through your chest to make a figure eight and pull the lower loop over your head.

The truth remains that infinity scarves can never go out of style since they are one of the most versatile options for scarf style. You can find them in several colors and sizes, and the good thing about them is that they are hassle-free and easy to style.

Is Wearing Scarves Still in Style?

One of the accessories that will never go out of style during the cold seasons is a scarf, especially blanket scarves. While we still have turtlenecks and cowl neck sweaters that can keep us warm this winter, wearing a scarf will always remain a wardrobe staple during chilly days and nights.

Wearing scarves will always be trendy, this is because while style is fun, scarves are practical items anyone can have in their wardrobe. However, it can cause heat, but don’t let the heat stop you from wearing them.

Are Fur Scarves Still in Style?

Valpeak Faux Fur Collar Women's Neck Warmer Fur Scarf Wrap for Cold Winter (Brown)
Source: Amazon

Yes, fur scarves are still in style. But they can be very problematic. One of the reasons is the constant protests against animal cruelty and hunting in some cities. But nobody has canceled the use of fur scarves.

Wearing fur scarves will look very relevant on you with that outfit in 2022. When you combine these scarves with youth-style coats, jackets, and of course down jackets, it will be one of the highlights of this fashion season.


No matter the kind of outfit or accessories you want to wear, black and white colors always remain the most relevant options. This simply means that scarves in 2022 will start with these exact colors.

Though brighter shades are becoming the big hits of the season. 2022 scarf trends include interesting and bold colors like bright yellow, orange, green, and burgundy.

So if you plan to wear scarves this trending season, then you should know that you can wear them with any type of outfit. However, there are lots of scarves out there in the market, so ensure that you pick the right one that will look good on your outfit.

Is Revlon a Good Brand?

Is Revlon a Good Brand?

Is Revlon a good brand? For those who don’t know, we are in a new era of seeing the best makeup products.

Revlon cosmetics has been one of the best makeup brands in US drugstores, they happen to be both a brand and a line that produce professional makeup products, from foundation and blush to lipstick, nail polish, and mascara.

The Revlon product brands are not just popular amongst ladies, but they are preferred by lots of professional makeup artists. Whether you use their product or at home, they are unbeatable.

No matter what you want, whether it’s the classic shades or the advanced formulas, this brand has some of the best makeup products you can find in the drugstore. They were established in 1932 by Charles and Joseph Revson who happen to be brothers, and chemist Charles Lachman.

Currently, Revlon is publicly traded and they are based in New York City. Its goal has always been to offer quality beauty products to its large customers at an affordable price.

The Revlon brand was created to restore youthful feeling and fullness due to its unique formula and the way it is applied.

So if you’re asking “is Revlon a good brand”? I’ll tell you yes because that’s why makeup artists prefer to stick to them because they provide excellent results.

Is Revlon a Drugstore Brand?

Revlon Never Enough Lip Unapologetic Limited Edition Lip Kit By Ashley Graham
Revlon Never Enough Lip Kit | Source: Amazon

Currently, the Revlon brand is the leading cosmetics company in the United States. However, it is not a drugstore brand. This is because many poor-performing lines have been sold off by the current board of directors and returned the company to its core brands.

They now offer a complete cosmetics line, from the foundation and nail polish, blush to lipstick, and mascara. They produce some of the best makeup products you can find in stores.

And in case you don’t know, there are differences between drugstores’ high-end makeup.

One of the differences between drugstore and high-end makeup products is the price. Pricing is the real thing that distinguishes drugstores from high-end makeup products.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good?

Yes, Revlon hair dye is very good. This is because they have a highly pigmented liquid gel formula that is infused with both silk extracts and keratin which helps in strengthening and softening the hair.

You’ll also find out that it doesn’t contain ammonia, so feel confident that you’ll be reducing damage to your strands.

The hair dye can’t penetrate the scalp and reach the follicle which is where the hair grows. This means that Revlon hair dye can’t and does not cause hair loss, but would precipitate hair breakage.

Note that all hair dyes produced by Revlon have been extensively studied and certified to be safe and effective for all consumers. This has been used by both the CIR and the E.U. SCCS. There’s scientific evidence that shows that when you use their hair dye, your hair will be safe as intended.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good for Black Hair?

Revlon ColorSilk Haircolor, Dark Auburn, 4.40 Total Ounces (Pack of 3)
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Yes, Revlon hair dye is good for your black hair. This is because it contains no ammonia in its formula, so this should give you confidence that it will reduce damage to your strands.

It is a real deal, as Revlon ColorSilk with UV Defense had a great performance in lab tests, and the shades are multi-tonal giving additional dimension, giving you natural-looking results.

It provides its mettle in the vital permanent hair color measure, gray coverage, both immediately and within four weeks. Though most people will require to recolor their hair using Total Color to cover new hair regrowth which should occur every 4-6 weeks.

Is Revlon Colorsilk Good?

The Revlon Colorsilk happens to be a great product that’s very easy to use, rinses out, and can leave your hair feeling like it’s had a treatment. This is a product that will cover all your regrowth and make you very fresh.

One good thing about this product is that it doesn’t smell too strongly and it is very affordable for everyone. No wonder many people like it.

The Revlon ColorSilk is a permanent hair color kit that offers high-quality hair-dying results when applied at home. It comes with a formula that features Revlon 3D ColourGel Technology which works in delivering natural-looking, and multi-tonal color from the root to the tip.

Not only that, but it also provides you with a UV defense for hair protection against sun damage and gives silk proteins that help in penetrating each strand that leaves hair looking silky, healthy, and shiny.

Is Revlon Hair Dye Good for Your Hair?

Revlon Color Effects Frost & Glow All-In-One Highlighting Kit, Blonde 1 ea (Pack of 2)
Revlon Color Effects Frost & Glow | Source: Amazon

Indeed, the coloring of hair is something that is trending among people for various reasons. Maybe because a lot of youngsters color their hair to show their style and fashion sense.

However, some other stars prefer using it to cover their gray strands. But whatever may be your reason for dying your hair, you need to worry about the health of your hair while you style and color it.

There are many hair-dying products out there that would result in weak, dry, and unhealthy hair, but none is as quality as Revlon’s hair dye product. Revlon hair dye comes with the infusion of the latest technology that grows and cares for your hair.

Their hair dying product is an ammonia-free, tone-on-tone color that provides you with reliable, uniform color, and multi-reflective shiny hair. It also offers you a wide palette of interminable shades and gives you an incredibly versatile color that you want. Revlon hair dye is very good and will simply care for your hair.

 What is the Best Revlon Hair Dryer?

If you’re interested in getting a good hair dryer that would dry your hair quickly, tame frizz, and minimize hair damage, then there’s good news. Have you heard of the best Revlon hair dryer?

Indeed, you can get a salon-like dryer to style your hair at your home. The Revlon hair dryers dry your hair without breaking the strands, it will preserve hair moisture, and minimize frizz. Let’s check it out!

Introducing Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer | 1875 Watts of Maximum Shine, Softness and Control, (White)
Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer | Source: Amazon

Here’s a 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer which happens to be a professional hair dryer that provides quick drying and maximum shine. This dryer uses infrared heat technology to maximize softness and control.

It is designed using Tourmaline Ionic Technology which minimizes frizz and improves the shine of your hair. It has a triple ceramic coating that provides even heat distribution and minimizes heat damage. It is equipped with a concentrator finger diffuser that would provide you maximum precision for truly customized hairstyles.

Key Features

  • It makes use of infrared heat technology.
  • The product was made with Tourmaline Ionic Technology.
  • It comes with concentrator and diffuser attachments.
  • Comes with 3 hair sectioning clips.
  • Has a cool-shot button.

Dryer Specifications

  • It has 1875 watt drying power.
  • Has 2 heat/speed settings.


  • Provides you with maximum softness and control.
  • It reduces frizz.
  • Improves hair shine.
  • It dries hair quickly.
  • Reduces static.


  • Comes with average-quality attachments.

Is Revlon a Good Straightener Brand?

Revlon 1 Inch Hydra Smooth Steam Straigthener, Orange, 1.10 Ounce
Revlon Hydra Smooth Steam Straightener | Source: Amazon

Yes, their straightener brand is okay. One of the best REVLON straightener brands which are called, Hydra-Smooth Steam Straightener is a good brand.

This is a hair straightener that is based on hydra therapy, and this simply means that the plates of the straightener can infuse your hair with water particles. The straightener has ceramic plates that can help in making your hair smoother and frizz-free after straightening.

It can straighten your hair very quickly which reduces the damage and it gets heat up to 430 degrees to give you the ability to control the heat accordingly. The product can heat up within 30 seconds and thus you don’t require to wait too long.

Is Revlon a Good Makeup Brand?

Revlon makeup brand offers some tried and true products which you can get at the drugstore. Revlon makeup brands are good and they formulate some of the highest quality makeup products available on the market.

Most of their makeup products are exceptional. I love many of Revlon’s foundation products better than those coming from high-end brands that are even many times the cost of Revlon.

Is Revlon a Good Hair Dye Brand?

Yes, their hair dye brand is good. They are the producers of ColorSilk, which is the #1 hair color brand in the USA.

This product is even more popular among African-American women because it has an ammonia-free formula that offers long-lasting, high-definition color and shines beautifully well to give you a natural look.

It is also one of the safest hair dye brands you can find which is why they pride itself as the most natural permanent hair coloring gel producer. Revlon hair dye products are made with herbal extracts that offer nourishment and protect your locks and scalp.


As you can see, Revlon is a good brand that’s well-known for its exceptional products. Their products are generally recognized as safe by the FDA (GRAS).

Just like many other producers, Revlon makes use of BHT in a variety of their products which includes eye makeup, face makeup, lip products, hair dye, skin care, hair masks, body oils, hair dryer, and fragrances.

Is Obsidian Expensive?

Is Obsidian Expensive?

Is obsidian expensive? Obsidian, also called volcanic glass by some people, is a type of igneous stone that is processed and sold as a gemstone.

The name “volcanic glass” originated from the way this gemstone is formed. It’s formed when the earth releases lava and the cooling process occurs so rapidly that microcrystalline particles don’t get a chance to form correctly.

Unlike other gemstones that have their formation cycle underground that spans millions of years, obsidian is formed above ground within a reasonable time frame. This accounts for why it does not have much semblance to other gemstones.

However, because of its variety of beautiful colors, beauty, usefulness, etc., this gemstone continues to capture the world’s attention.

Given the above facts, people naturally ask: is obsidian expensive? Although obsidian has no set value or market like other gemstones, it is not an expensive gemstone or stone.

A piece of gemstone jewelry can cost between $2 and $100. Of course, like other gemstones, what determines how much your desired piece of obsidian will cost depends on its quality, processing—excellent quality cutting and polishing—the rarity of its color, etc.

How Expensive is Obsidian?

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Well, despite this gemstone having the reputation of being one of the most beautiful stones in the world, the good news is that it costs less and is affordable for all income brackets.

As noted before, there is no set market value for obsidian, but a piece of obsidian can cost between $2 and $100. Like with other gemstones, how much your desired piece of obsidian will cost depends on its quality, processing—excellent quality cutting and polishing—the rarity of its color, etc.

The wholesale value of unprocessed obsidian maybe $5 to $10 per kilogram. However, quality-cut and polished obsidian jewelry is valued at a higher price.

Why is Obsidian so Expensive? 

Generally speaking, obsidian is not so expensive as to beg the question: why is obsidian so expensive? But it’s not cheap either.

Don’t get us wrong. The point we are trying to make here is that this precious stone, although affordable, is not cheaper than amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, and agate, all of which are considered affordable crystals. Pieces of obsidian, as is the case with other semi-precious stones, are generally cheap and affordable.

In a nutshell, alongside amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, and agate, the prices of obsidian pieces fall at the lower-priced end of the spectrum of semi-precious stones.

Most Expensive Obsidian 

The truth is that there are many types of obsidian out there. However, some are much more valuable than others, given that they are in a league of their own.

In particular, one both in appearance and in expense tops this list.

The variety of obsidian that is the rarest and most valuable is called fire obsidian. This exceptionally rare form of obsidian displays rainbow colors when it’s displayed at the correct angle.

These colors are usually quite bold and intense, but the obsidian retains a black appearance from most angles. Previously, high-quality rainbow sheen obsidian was the priciest of the various varieties available, but even the best didn’t demand anywhere near the price of fire obsidian.

This optical phenomenon is comparable to labradorite but with more intense colors in many cases. In the best of cases, they can compete with precious opal and other high-end stones.

Well, one may be wondering what makes fire obsidian rare and expensive. From what we have said above, the answer to this question can be unraveled.

However, to save you the stress of looking up this answer, we will briefly highlight these qualities. Fire obsidian, which has its inside light up like a neon rainbow, is rare. This material is rare and primarily found in one place in Oregon.

Again, the cutting of fire obsidian is the most difficult, requiring a high level of expertise and caution to cut properly. Also, the roughness of this stunning obsidian is often impossible to find at any price.

Finished stones can often be found, as well as cabochons and the occasional specimen with a polished face to display the optical phenomenon.

Is Black Obsidian Expensive?

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The answers are no and yes. Pieces of obsidian are generally not expensive. They are one of the most affordable gemstones out there.

But is black obsidian expensive? Yes is the answer in a relative sense. Compared to other types of obsidian, the price of black obsidian is relatively high.

Large pieces of black obsidian can cost hundreds of dollars. This is not the most valuable gemstone, but it’s more valuable than some.

As we have noted before, a small piece of real obsidian can range from $2-$100 depending on the quality, carat, and processing it underwent. Black obsidian happens to be one of the pieces of obsidian that relatively attracts higher prices due to its higher quality and polishing, which increase its value.

Also, what adds more to the value of black obsidian is its spiritual relevance or significance. People use black obsidian for protection and cleansing of their energetic spaces, to attract good luck and wealth, and to reduce or remove psychic fog in their auras.

However, it must be noted, unfortunately, that there are so many fakes of black obsidian on the market. To tell the fake from the real, this simple check on them may be helpful.

True black obsidian will be dense and heavy while fakes will be light, like the weight of glass, probably because it is man-made glass.

How Much is Real Obsidian Worth?

From what we have said so far, one thing is clear: real obsidian pieces are relatively inexpensive. They are not as expensive as other gemstones such as gold, silver, diamonds, topaz, emeralds, etc.

They are generally cheap and affordable, generally costing, depending on the processing they underwent and quality, between $2 and $100 approximately.

You can purchase it from local stores or from online also. The cost-increasing factors for obsidian are polishing and quality of cutting.

More rare, obsidian gemstones have more value. The cost is more, especially in auctions. You can purchase the unprocessed obsidian at a wholesale price of $5 to $10 per kg.

The bottom line is that real obsidian gemstones are relatively inexpensive. These stones are in the category of semi-precious stones, and as it’s common with most stones in this category, their prices are always pocket-friendly for all income brackets.

Why is Obsidian Special?

Obsidian gemstones are special to various people for varying reasons. For lovers of jewelry who love adding to their styles with a variety of matching gemstones, obsidian stones are especially unique due to their smooth, glossy texture, which makes them very popular as a raw material used to make beautiful jewelry.

These stones make beautiful jewelry, from reflective beads to interesting gemstones, which hold a lot of interest for jewelry lovers.

To the scientists, these stones possess a set of unique properties that never cease to hold their attention and wow them. To them, these stones serve as the ideal cutting tool.

Their discovered unique properties still make them an ideal material to make surgical scalpels that have cutting edges that are thinner and sharper than the best surgical steel.

To the geologists, these stones are unique because of their formation and features, which make them a fascinating spectacle to the geologists. Obsidian is unique due to its smooth, uniform volcanic glass texture.

Obsidian is usually considered an extrusive rock because it usually solidifies above the Earth’s surface where the edges of a lava flow come into contact with cool air or water.

Which is More Expensive: Onyx or Obsidian?

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Onyx and obsidian, especially black obsidian and black obsidian, are commonly seen more and more in fashion-forward and even luxury collections, with beautiful options for rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Both stones share some features, the chief of which is that both are commonly seen in black hues. Despite this, the two stones have different features which are more pronounced in their prices or costs.

Between onyx and obsidian, onyx is typically more expensive. The factors responsible for this lie in the following features of onyx: it has a higher hardness and toughness rating than obsidian.

It’s nearly always opaque as opposed to obsidian, which ranges from transparent to opaque. It’s much heavier than obsidian and it is a mineral with a crystal structure, meaning that it is formed underground, whereas Obsidian is volcanic glass, meaning it’s formed above ground.

Is Obsidian More Expensive than Gold?

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The simple answer to this question is a big No. Though obsidian stones come in a variety of colors, one of which is gold-colored, obsidian stones have less value than gold and equally cost less than gold.

Onyx has a higher hardness and toughness rating than obsidian.

Gold, a precious gemstone known for its bright yellow appearance, distinguishing it from other precious metals and its incorrigible and rustic quality, can cost $1,500 per ounce.

Obsidian stones, on the other hand, although they have no set value or market like other gemstones, are not expensive gemstones or stones. A piece of gemstone jewelry can cost between $2 and $100.

Of course, like other gemstones, what determines how much your desired piece of obsidian will cost depends on its quality, processing—excellent quality cutting and polishing—the rarity of its color, etc.

The bottom line is that gold is very expensive, probably the most expensive useful precious gemstone, while obsidian pieces, being semi-precious stones, are cheap and affordable. While gold is the shining embodiment of wealth, obsidian stones are affordable to almost all classes of people.

What is the Rarest Type of Obsidian? 

The rarest type of obsidian is fire obsidian. Both in appearance and price, fire obsidian is in a league of its own.

This exceptionally rare form of obsidian displays rainbow colors when it’s displayed at the correct angle. These colors are usually quite bold and intense, but the obsidian retains a black appearance from most angles.

It’s inside lights up like a neon rainbow, which makes it extremely rare. This material is rare and primarily found in one place in Oregon. The cutting of fire obsidian is the most difficult, requiring a high level of expertise and caution to cut properly.

Equally, the roughness of this stunning obsidian is often impossible to find at any price. All these add to its rarity and value, making it the most expensive type of obsidian.

Is Natural Obsidian Expensive?

Black Obsidian Earrings Gold Fill Dangling Black Stone Teardrop Earrings - Gemstone Obsidian Jewelry for Women
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Obsidian pieces are relatively inexpensive. So, no. Whether natural or not, these stones are affordable, costing between $2 and $100.

Unprocessed obsidian costs between $5 and $10 per kg at wholesale. As we have noted before several times, like other gemstones, what determines how much your desired piece of obsidian, natural, synthetic, or whatever, will cost depends on its quality, processing— excellent quality cutting and polishing— the rarity of its color, etc.

However, unlike natural obsidian, synthetic obsidians are made of pure glass and have no value. To tell artificial obsidian from natural ones, they are created using a heat process. They are also very clear like glass with no inclusions in them and have identical shapes, all of which are lacking in or opposite of natural obsidian.


One take-home from what we have said so far is that although obsidian pieces are precious gemstones formed above ground, they are relatively affordable and cheap.

Thus, the question which readily forms in the mouths of obsidian lovers: is obsidian expensive? is answered in the negative.

Real Rose Quartz vs Fake

Real Rose Quartz vs Fake

Real rose quartz vs fake. For rose quartz jewelry aficionados, this gemstone is to be preferred over other gemstones for its aesthetic beauty, value, and emotional healing properties.

To them, it’s a must-have piece of precious stone, not only to add elegance and confidence to their appearance and unique beauty to their jewelry collections but to add more support to their emotions.

However, out there, on the market, inferior and fake stones are often sold in place of real rose quartz. Thus, deceiving people with their appearance to part with worthless things having no aesthetic value or emotional healing properties, are the very motivating factors people seek for these precious stones.

Real rose quartz vs. fake has become a battle that every lover of this gemstone is willing to win to restore confidence and trust in these gemstones. Before delving deep into how to tell real rose quartz from the fake, a historical perspective of this gemstone, adding weight to why its purity must be protected from the fake, must suffice.

Long Rose Quartz Ring, 925 Sterling Silver Rose Quartz Ring, Unisex Big Gemstone Silver Ring, Genuine Gemstone Rose Quartz Statement Ring, Metaphysical Quartz Jewelry, Healing Chakra Gemstone
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Rose quartz gets its name from its lovely pink shades and the Greek word halos, meaning glass. The gemstone has a long history of being used for crafting jewelry and other art objects.

Perhaps it was the Assyrians and the Romans who were the first to use rose quartz rock, around 800-600 BC. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians believed that this stone had magical powers.

For this reason, the stone was used by them as protective talismans. The Egyptians made use of this stone as an anti-aging remedy. It was used by the Romans as a seal to indicate ownership.

In the Middle Ages, the stone found use in the healing potions of medical practitioners. There are several legends related to the stone’s ability to attract love and heal anger.

Today, because of the alluring colors and hardness of rose quartz, it is used both as a gemstone and as an ornamental stone. Not only that, in modern times, this gemstone is considered both a birthstone and a wedding anniversary stone.

It’s the birthstone for January and is also connected to the second and fifth wedding anniversaries of couples. Gifting this precious gemstone to couples on their second and fifth wedding anniversaries is thought to strengthen love, increase fertility, and reduce anger in their marriage lives.

How to Know if Your Rose Quartz is Real?

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As previously stated, there is fake rose quartz out there that will deceive you into parting with your money due to their seemingly rose quartz appearance. Given the prevalence of fake rose quartz on the market, the importance of having some background knowledge on how to tell if your rose quartz is genuine cannot be overstated.

A summary of the deciding factors or distinguishing factors between the real and the fake is given below. Real rose quartz often lacks good transparency.

Due to their hardness, they can easily scratch a steel file. When you are testing crystalline rose quartz, remember that the color will fade if exposed to light. Also, since this variety is very rarely found, do not expect to see it at most jewelry stores.

Often, colored glass is also sold in place of quartz. If you suspect this, check for bubbles in the stone. The presence of bubbles in the stone proves that it is not a real quartz crystal.

Genuine rose quartz will be slightly cool to the touch. This means that if your real rose quartz is stored in the same location as glass, it will feel slightly cooler.

Although this temperature change is not a drastic or severe one, it’s quite noticeable. Also, real rose quartz, when placed in the sun, or any place super warm, or when simply worn, its temperature will automatically change to warm.

If, however, you do not notice this temperature change, this may be a clear pointer to what you believed to be real rose quartz being fake. A red flag!

Secondly, you can tell fake rose quartz from genuine by simply watching out for air bubbles in it. Because the fake ones are always made from dyed glass, they will normally have air bubbles in them, which you can use to tell them apart from the genuine ones.

Note, however, that the air bubbles, which are a pointer to fake ones, are not to be confused with the inclusions, crevices, and natural cracks normally common with mostly natural quartz.

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Thirdly, you can use its heaviness to ascertain if it’s the genuine one or one of the numerous fake ones out there. Natural quartz in general and rose quartz, in particular, are naturally heavier than glass, albeit slightly.

Thus, a large piece of rose quartz naturally is expected to be pretty heavy. When you notice the absence of this feature, the probabilities are very high that what you have before you is a fake. It should be a conclusive red flag for you. Run!

The next test you can do to ascertain the genuine rose quartz from the fake is to measure its hardiness. You can easily do this with Moh’s hardness scale. Due to the hardness of rose quartz, it can easily scratch a steel file.

On Moh’s hardness scale, glass is rated at five while quartz, including rose quartz, is rated at seven. Therefore, a supposed rose quartz that can’t easily scratch glass should be sending you some red flag signals already.

Again, their prices can also send you signals, either to run or to stay back. Rose quartz is a precious gemstone and, naturally, should attract a matching value in money.

Therefore, for any supposed rose quartz that has a ridiculous price or a price that is too cheap to be real. Please kindly do well to have a rethink before doling out your money on it.

Finally, if you are buying your crystal via online shops, do well to deal with credible and reputable online retailers. Most of them have proper testing techniques, making it easy to tell if a crystal is properly labeled as genuine or not. You can rest assured that you will receive genuine rose quartz without having to worry about it.

Difference Between Real Rose Quartz and Fake

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Real rose quartz differs from fake rose quartz because they are simply different! What genuine rose quartz and fake ones genuinely have in common is that they are different from each other.

Therefore, some of the differences between them are listed below in no particular order.

Rose Quartz is found in pegmatites, which are coarse-grained igneous rocks. Due to this formation, rose quartz is almost always found as large specimens with no crystal edges.

It never forms crystal faces. Therefore, if you are being sold a pink-colored crystal formation, it could be dyed quartz. Fake!

Real rose quartz is a precious crystal, quite rare, expensive, and small. Therefore, anyone with a relatively low price tag is most likely selling dyed quartz or calcite. Rose quartz that is fake or synthetic!

Another difference between the fake and the real is that the latter is less fragile. The fake one is made from dyed glass, which is more fragile.

Another area of difference lies in their respective weights. Natural crystals are heavier and denser than fakes. They weigh more than glass.

Note: The list is by no means exhaustive. What we have listed above are only the most common and noticeable differences to help you understand what you are purchasing.


Rose quartz is one of the most widely known and used quartz crystals. Its properties are noted to usher in love and calm in marriages and are greatly valued.

However, due to this and its increasing demand, there is an influx of fakes in the gemstone market. This reality leads to real rose quartz vs. fake scenario.

The lovers of this precious stone are faced daily with this market. With the background knowledge we provided in this piece to help you tell genuine ones from fakes, we are optimistic that your confusion on this topic is in the past.

Is Rose Quartz Expensive?

Is Rose Quartz Expensive?

Is rose quartz expensive? Rose quartz is one of the rarest natural colors of the commonly found quartz gemstones. Although it is beautiful and rare in its own family, it is not an expensive gemstone to own.

Rose quartz is often found as a light pink and milky shade but can also appear with tints of purple or orange. The more saturated the gem, the more rare the piece of quartz is, and the more it will likely cost you.

Rose quartz falls at a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which is reasonably high on the list compared to a diamond which falls at 10. Metaphysically, rose quartz is believed to promote peace, self-love, and an open heart.

Despite these rich spiritual properties, owning rose quartz does not take an arm and a leg! Depending on the size of the piece, rose quartz should only cost you a reasonable amount.

How Expensive is Rose Quartz?

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Rose quartz is a reasonably priced gem for the most part. If you are interested in owning a piece of rose quartz as a personal crystal, you will likely only be spending between $3-$10 depending on the size of the piece.

Rose quartz is a popular gem for crystal lovers due to its wide variety of metaphysical properties

If you are looking at owning rose quartz for your jewelry collection, it may cost a bit more than the gems being sold at the metaphysical shops. For jewelry, rose quartz sells for about $100 per carat.

The rose quartz sold for jewelry is sold at a higher grade than the individual gems, which explains the increase in price. However, it is still regarded as one of the more affordable gemstones for jewelry

The Most Expensive Rose Quartz

Typically, rose quartz is not a gemstone that will break the bank. However, like all jewels, it depends on the size and specimen of the stone. The most expensive rose quartz ever discovered was back in 2013. 

The La Modana Rosa rose quartz was sold for over $660,000 at an auction in Dallas, Texas. The stone has gone down in history as the most expensive stone of any kind to be sold at an auction.

The Van Allen Belt rose quartz, which can be found in the Smithsonian museum, is another expensive rose quartz, also worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Is Amethyst More Expensive Than Rose Quartz?

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Amethyst is another popular gemstone that has been included in many crystal collector and jewelry collector stocks throughout the years. It was once a very expensive stone that was not financially available to commoners. However, nowadays it is a more affordable option. 

Amethyst is also known as purple quartz, due to its purple tint. It used to be a sign of wealth, being worn by priests and people of high political power for centuries.

While it has become a more affordable gem, it still costs more than a piece of rose quartz. While rose quartz can be found for up to $100 per carat, it typically only costs $1-$7 per carat. Amethyst averages about $15 per carat. 

Which is More Expensive: Jade or Rose Quartz?

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Like rose quartz and amethyst, jade is a very popular gemstone among crystal and jewelry lovers. Jade is typically green in color and has also gained popularity in the skincare world as a popular stone for rollers and gua sha treatments. Rose quartz is commonly used in these facial tools. 

As for price, jade stones fluctuate dramatically. An authentic jade stone can cost anywhere between $3 to $1,000 per carat depending on the type of jade.

On the other hand, rose quartz fluctuates less in price per carat but can still add up depending on the stone. The prices of the two stones are hard to compare. 

How Much is Rose Quartz Worth Per Carat?

Rose quartz prices fluctuate a lot depending on the specimen of the stone. There are a ton of different types of rose quartz, and the types differ depending on where in the world they are mined and how old they are.

Typically, rose quartz will cost between $1 to $7 per carat. However, it can cost up to $100 per carat depending on the specimen of the quartz!

Why is Rose Quartz so Expensive?

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Compared to stones like diamonds or jade, rose quartz is more affordable. However, it is possible for rose quartz to break the bank depending on what kind you get and where it is purchased. 

The reason rose quartz can become so expensive is due to the labor that goes into mining it and the type of quartz it is.

As we mentioned earlier, the most expensive rose quartz ever sold was worth over $660,000. That quartz was quite large, mined in a difficult area, and was very unique in nature.

Depending on where the quartz is mined from, how difficult it is to extract, and how unique its properties are, rose quartz can definitely rise in price.

Where is Rose Quartz Found?

Rose quartz is easy to find in your local crystal shop or jewelry store. However, authentic rose quartz is mined from caves and caverns all over the world and then shipped to buyers and sellers.

The most common place to mine is rose quartz in Brazil. Other sites to mine rose quartz include India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. Domestically, it can be found in California or Maine. 


Rose Quartz is a beautiful gemstone that is beautiful to wear or own. If you use crystals for spiritual purposes, rose quartz’s metaphysical properties are essential for your crystal collection. While rose quartz can be quite pricy depending on the kind you are looking for, it is typically an affordable stone to add to your collections!

Is Amethyst Expensive?

Is Amethyst Expensive?

Is amethyst expensive? In antiquity,  the most valuable gems were known as cardinal gems. They included Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst.

These were the gems most valued for their rarity and the ones most associated with royalty, religious authority, and magical powers. The only difference between this list and the more recent concept of precious gems is that amethyst no longer appears on the modern list.

What happened? The answer is that extensive amethyst deposits were discovered in South America in the early 19th century, and amethyst was no longer regarded as a rare gem.

Despite that, the rich purple hue of amethyst still retains its allure in modern times, and gem collectors still seek out particularly fine specimens. But perhaps the most surprising thing about this stone, which once held the world in awe for its precious status as sapphire, lies in its price, which makes the question “Is amethyst expensive?” very useless.

Amethyst is very affordable, even at the higher grades. Prices for high-quality cut stones are typically in the range of $20 to $30 per carat, with particularly fine pieces around $40 per carat.

This gem, which is durable and suitable for all kinds of jewelry, is very clean and completely untreated and can be found in large sizes.

Why is Amethyst Expensive?

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Well, your likely answer in this state is as good as mine. Why is amethyst so expensive? Perhaps this question should be framed better.

Why, despite the precious status of this gemstone, a gem once lumped into the category of sapphire, is very cheap and affordable. It’s very cheap to be a precious gemstone that once held the world of fashion to a stop with its cool, amazing, luring, and rich purple hue.

Thus, to all our amethyst lovers, you can satisfy your jewelry taste without necessarily breaking the bank. Amethyst is not only cool, beautiful, and refreshing, but it’s also friendly and refreshing for your pocket.

How Expensive is Amethyst? 

Centuries ago, there would have been a high probability that we would not have been here today discussing the prices of this gemstone very rich in meaning, as it was not available to common people.

In other words, it was not only the embodiment of the affluent, it was very expensive, quite out of the reach of the average man. However, the good news is that many things have changed in our world.

One of those changes has to do with this stone. It’s no longer a reserve for the rich; everybody can now comfortably afford it.

So, if you want to buy something nice for yourself or a loved one, buying this purple gemstone should not be out of your affordability list.

Unlike other gemstones, where the larger they are, the more they will cost, amethysts do not have much of a carat value difference. The grade of this gemstone, which is mainly determined by the clarity and color of these purple gemstones, determines the cost value of these purple gemstones.

Brazilian amethyst prices range between ₹ 300 and 400 per carat ($4 to $6) and are usually higher than other origins because of superior color quality. On the account of better clarity, African amethyst (amethyst from Zambia) can also command decent money, though that may differ from one stone to another.

On the other hand, faceted amethyst gemstones from India may sell for as little as $2 per carat.

What is the Most Expensive Amethyst?

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Well, one thing is always true of natural AAAA amethysts—they always stand you out from the crowd. That’s the same way their prices stand them out from other amethysts.

These are the cream of the crop and constitute a minuscule 10% of the world’s annual harvest of the mineral. Natural AAAA amethysts have a middle-of-the-line dark purple color, and perfect hues, and these amethysts are also eye-clean.

You don’t need a magnifier to see that these specimens of amethyst are prestigious and free of crystalline imperfections, which is why they command the highest price.

While natural AAAA amethysts are the most valuable and most expensive type of amethyst, following closely on their heels are natural AAA amethysts, which are rated as the second most valuable type of amethyst. They account for 20 to 30% of all global amethyst production from various regions, producing a beautiful midrange purple color that penetrates deep into the crystals.

Is Green Amethyst Expensive?

This type of amethyst has a lovely light green color that adds a touch of elegance to any jewelry piece. It has always held the world in awe, not just for its elegance and beauty, but also for its spiritual significance and healing properties.

Perhaps no amethyst has been associated with nobility and high social status more than this green amethyst throughout history. Because it happened so rarely in nature, only royalty could afford it in antiquity.

Coupled with the belief that wearing these beautiful green gemstones would bring fortune and wealth, they were the exclusive preserve of the rich.

However, nowadays, like with other types of amethyst out there, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to add a dazzling green amethyst to your collection. They are affordable and natural to find, meaning that you can buy them in the form of loose gemstones or jewelry sets.

Is Pink Amethyst Expensive?

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The answer is that the prices of all types of amethyst are relatively cheap. Amethysts are among the world’s most affordable precious gemstones.

However, among the various types of these purple gemstones, pink amethysts stand out for their value and rarity. Of course, their prices are still affordable.

However, what makes pink amethysts special is their history and beautiful splendor. They have a very young and fresh history. They are a fairly recent discovery in the world of crystals and gemstones.

It was discovered very recently in Patagonia, Argentina, and draws its pink color from the inclusions of hematite within the structure of its crystal. Thus, because pink amethyst has only ever been found in Patagonia, it is considered a rare and valuable form of amethyst.

Are Amethysts More Expensive than Diamonds?

Apart from the documented fact that until the discovery of large amethyst deposits in Brazil during the early 19th century, amethyst was considered a precious gemstone comparable to diamonds and other precious useful gemstones. There should not be a comparison between amethysts and diamonds, as the latter prices do not come anywhere close to matching those of diamonds.

As we have said so far, amethysts are among the world’s most affordable gemstones. Their prices can be afforded without anyone breaking the bank. Brazilian amethyst prices range between ₹ 300 to ₹ 400 per carat ($4 to $6) and are usually higher than other origins because of superior color quality.

On account of better clarity, African amethyst (amethyst from Zambia) can also command decent money, though that may differ from one stone to another. On the other hand, faceted amethyst gemstones from India may sell for as little as $2 per carat.

While amethysts are generally affordable, the same can’t be said of diamonds. For diamonds, their carat weight, cut, color, and clarity determine how much they will cost.

The more flawless and colorless the rock, the higher the price. Thus, a 2-carat diamond can cost as little as $7,000 and as high as over $60,000, whereas a good value, good quality 2-carat diamond should cost you around $16,000-$21,000.

Which is More Expensive Amethyst or Sapphire?

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The simple answer is: sapphire is more expensive than amethysts. No types of amethyst come anywhere close to matching the price of sapphire.

For instance, purple sapphire, also known as violet sapphire or plum sapphire, which is very close to amethyst in color, costs more than amethyst. Purple sapphire is a precious gemstone variety of the sapphires from the corundum mineral family, whereas amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone of the quartz mineral family.

Large amethyst crystals are very common and available in just about any carat weight you want for $10 or less a carat, as opposed to sapphire crystals, which are rarer, much smaller, and very much more expensive. The same carat weight of the latter would cost many thousands of dollars, whereas the same carat weight of amethyst may cost $100.

Which is more Expensive Amethyst or Blue Topaz?

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Blue topaz and amethyst share some features, which can sometimes make it a little difficult to know which is which. One of these similarities comes in the form of their color, blue.

Topaz is a mineral occurring in rhombic prisms, generally yellowish and pellucid, also colorless, and of greenish, bluish, or brownish shades. It sometimes appears massive and opaque. It is a fluosilicate of alumina and is used as a gem.

On the other hand, amethyst is a variety of crystallized quartz, of a purple or bluish violet color, of different shades, used mostly as a jeweler’s stone.

Despite these similarities, blue topaz is more valuable than amethyst, which means that it is more expensive. The reasons are not far-fetched.

Blue topaz is becoming increasingly rare, making it one of the most popular and sought-after gemstones among jewelry collectors.

Which is More Expensive Amethyst or Tanzanite?

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While both are beautiful gemstones that jewelry lovers have used to boost their confidence and add a beautifully unique feel to their jewelry collections, the truth is that tanzanite costs more than amethyst.

Why does tanzanite cost more than amethyst in value and price? Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones to ever exist. It is relatively new in the world of gemstones.

This precious stone is mined only in one known location, in a small area in the northern region of Tanzania, Merelani. While both tanzanite and amethyst are considered one of the world’s most affordable gemstones, tanzanite is more expensive and valued than amethyst.


Given the high-value amethysts once commanded in the gemstone world before their discovery in large quantities, jewelry lovers naturally ask one question which interests them more: is amethyst expensive?

From what we have said so far in this article, the prices of these purple gemstones were once the exclusive preserve of the rich. But nowadays, almost anyone can afford them.

They are cheap and affordable, despite adding a unique beauty to your jewelry collection and appearance.