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Is Equate a Good Brand? 

is equate a good brand

Is Equate a Good Brand? Before we delve fully into this question, it’s important to provide some background knowledge about this brand.

The Equate brand sometimes tends to generate some confusion, so a little background check on this brand will be of utmost importance.

The Equate brand is the name of Walmart’s private-label line of health and personal care products.

Perrigo Company plc, a leading global healthcare manufacturer and supplier specializing in the store brand market, manufactures Equate’s over-the-counter healthcare and nutritional products. This company exclusively manufactures the Equate brand for Walmart.

Hair care, dental care, eye care, bath and body products, allergy and pain relief, first aid products, and vitamins and supplements are just a few of the Equate products available at Walmart.

With that said, is Equate a good brand? Well, the answer is yes. This brand is a good one, offering a wide range of products that are very pocket-friendly, mostly priced lower than nationally advertised brands but are considered to be of comparable quality.

They offer quality and value at a comparatively lower price, making them the best generic brands to save money on.

Equate is a good brand that sells many beauty and health products. They offer a wide array of products which, among others, include skin care products such as conditioners, lotions, and soap.

The company also produces over-the-counter medications, including allergy medicine. It also produces and sells different types of vitamins as well as supplements such as weight-loss shakes.

Where is the Equate Brand Manufactured?

Equate Beauty Gentle Skin Cleanser, 16 fl oz (Pack of 2)
Source: Amazon

The Equated brand items are manufactured in the USA, Canada, and China. However, it’s common to see their products given the “Made in the U.S.A.” label on even though the product’s packaging clearly states that they are “Made in China.”

What determines their manufacturing locations is the barcode.

Bar Codes starting with the number 8 are made in the USA and Canada. Those starting with the number 6 are made in China.

Is Equate a Walmart Brand?

Yes, Equate is owned by Walmart. This brand is the strength of Walmart’s private label store brand.

Prior to this brand’s acquisition by Walmart, Equate was formerly an independent brand that sold consumer products at both Target and Walmart at lower prices than those of name brands. Upon acquiring the Equate brand, the brand grew tremendously in size.

Today, you can stock up on everything from vitamins and supplements to first aid and feminine care products to care for your family every day.

On the other hand, Walmart, the owner of the Equate brand, was founded and owned by the Walton family. They hold the majority of the shares of the company, a total of 50% of the shares, through Walton Enterprises LLC and Walton Family Holdings Trust. American-based companies, including Vanguard Group Inc., are some of the other top shareholders.

In a nutshell, the Equate brand used to be a small company but has now been bought by Walmart. Today, Equate products are Walmart’s exclusive name-brand products, with just different labels and names.

Where is the Equate Brand Sold?

As noted before, the Equate brand is the strength of Walmart’s private label store brand. However, before this brand’s acquisition by Walmart, Equate was formerly an independent brand that sold consumer products at both Target and Walmart at lower prices than those of name brands.

Therefore, Equate products are exclusively available at Walmart, where you can stock up on everything from vitamins and supplements to first aid and feminine care products to care for your family every day.

Who Carries the Equate Brand?

Equate Beauty Foaming Facial Cleanser, Normal to Oily Skin, 12 fl oz
Source: Amazon

The answer is Walmart. Since buying the Equate brand, has assumed ownership and carried the brand.

Alongside Great Value, the Equate brand is Walmart’s most recognizable brand, a classic case of the strength of Walmart’s private label store brand. However, not all of Walmart’s store brands are of equal quality.

In a nutshell, Walmart carries and owns Equate as part of its private brand development. The aim is to provide the public with the needed self-care, pharmaceutical, and other products at much lower prices determined by the prices of market alternatives.

Is Equate Cruelty-Free?

Well, Walmart has a reputation for offering a wide range of cruelty-free brands and beauty products to choose from that won’t break the bank! And the other good news is that you can do your shopping both physically, in stores, or online.

However, most of the private brands under Walmart are not cruelty-free, and Equate is one of these private brands that are not cruelty-free.

Thus, the question of whether it is cruelty-free is answered in the negative. Walmart owns the brand, which follows the same animal testing policies as the parent company. Equate creates high-quality products with a more subdued presentation.

According to the many loyal customers, the products not only work well but also save the buyers money. The products are compared to the name brands from which they are inspired, but they may offer less substance and definitely less style.

Is Equate a Good Sunscreen Brand?

Equate Ultra Protection Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 16 fl oz (1)
Source: Amazon

Yes, Equate is an excellent sunscreen brand. Fruit of the Earth Inc. manufactures and distributes its sunscreen products, which contain moisturizing ingredients and can double as hydrating day creams.

They are good and great, providing good value and quality without interfering with your summer fun with financial worries.

Walmart’s Equate brand lotion offers excellent UVA and UVB protection, performing up to its 50 SPF claim. The scent is a classic, beachy fragrance of flowers and citrus.

Is Equate a Good Skincare Brand?

Yes, Equate is a good skincare brand. Whether Equate is a good skincare brand or not is never the appropriate question.

The right question is: why spend a fortune buying a well-known brand when you can get the same product with the same quality at a much lower and more convenient price?

This explains why the brand enjoys excellent customer reviews in this aspect. “I have dry and sensitive skin, so it’s really hard to find the right product for moisturizing. After finding this cream randomly at the drugstore, I have not used any other as it perfectly moisturizes without any irritation whatsoever,” said one of their customers.

While another one added.” There is no better moisturizer. I needed this. I was itchy and dry and it came just in time to instantly soothe my discomfort. My doctor recommended this cream for my babies and now I use it myself daily.”

You might want to see more reviews here.

Is Equate a Good Brand for Hair?

Equate Hair Regrowth Topical Solution for Women, 3ct
Source: Amazon

Yes, Equate is also a good brand for hair. They offer a wide array of hair care products that help you remain on top of your hair game.

Not only are these products made with natural ingredients that are very friendly to the life and health of your hair, but they are also a good option for hair growth.

Most of their specially formulated hair products for women have been proven to grow hair. An example is Equate Hair Regrowth Topical Solution for Women.

Their shampoo and conditioner products are specially made to suit all hair types. Equate shampoo comes with a conditioner that cleans your hair and gives it a very good texture.

So, yes, Equate is a good brand for hair.

Is Equate a Good Brand for Face Wash?

Equate Beauty Oil-Free Daily Face Wash Cleanser, 6.5 fl oz
Source: Amazon

Equate is a good brand for face wash. Equate Daily Face Wash offers a good value at a very affordable price.

It offers just the right compromises. It’s good, easy to use, inexpensive, and deeply cleanses your face, getting rid of pores of blackheads and leaving you with a great feeling of cleanliness.

However, from reviews we gathered online, the brand is not so good for those with severe acne problems, open wounds on the face, and very sensitive skin, as it may leave your face dry, peeling, and burnt.


Generally, Equate is a good brand that sells many beauty and health products.

They offer a wide array of products which, among others, include skin care products such as conditioners, lotions, soap, over-the-counter medications, different types of vitamins, as well as supplements.

So, yes, we answer in the affirmative. The question is: is Equate a good brand?

Is AllSaints a Good Brand?

Is AllSaints a Good Brand?

Is AllSaints a Good Brand? AllSaints is a popular British brand that has expanded across the globe.

However, the question still remains, is AllSaints a good brand? The retailer caters to men and women alike, bringing unique designs from the sketchbooks into people’s closets.

At first glance, AllSaints seems to be all well and good, but let’s take a deeper look.

Is AllSaints Fast Fashion?

AllSaints Womens Lightweight Calla Hooded Parka Small Black
Source: Amazon

The question as to whether AllSaints is a fast fashion brand is debatable. There are people on both sides of the aisle.

Compared to other brands, AllSaints is upscale and considered an accessible luxury.

However, AllSaints consistently releases pieces and a lot of the clothing is made from synthetic fabrics. These factors help contribute to the argument that the brand is fast fashion.

Additionally, their competitors include TopShop and ASOS, both of which are popular fast fashion stores. Plus, AllSaints is usually priced so high though, that the cost of getting something that appears high-end outweighs the benefit of getting it for an affordable price.

However, they have made pledges to be more sustainable by recycling materials. Whether they are staying true to their words has yet to be determined.

Furthermore, AllSaints has a rather unique image that comes with their clothes. Rather than having clothing that aligns with mainstream tastes and trends, AllSaints carries more “cult classics” than in-the-moment clothing.

That being said, whether AllSaints is a fast fashion brand or not depends on your personal definition of the term “fast fashion.”

Are AllSaints Bags Good Quality?

AllSaints Fetch Chain Wallet Storm Grey One Size
Source: Amazon

AllSaints carries a lot of different accessories, but among their top selling products are bags.

Not only do they offer a wide variety of designs to choose from, but the quality is generally well-rated. From small crossbodies to large totes, many reviewers have stated that their bags are durable, spacious, soft, and versatile.

Most of their bags are made of leather and treated to be matte. The only complaints from reviewers about the bag’s quality have been that some of the bags are not lined and the material can easily be stained.

Otherwise, acquiring an AllSaints bag can be a good investment.

Is AllSaints a Designer Brand?

AllSaints, founded in 1994, started as a wholesale menswear brand. They sold designs almost entirely to luxury retailers.

Eventually, their own storefront was opened in the late 1990s and started offering both men’s and women’s wear. The brand still focuses to this day on designing unique pieces with an edgy and almost extraterrestrial look.

The articles are seasonally curated to fit the brand image and are generally priced above the standard, oftentimes ranging from $200-$500. Therefore, they are considered high-end or low luxury. However, AllSaints is not a designer.

Where is AllSaints Brand From?

AllSaints is a U.K based brand and the company’s headquarters are in London. Over the past 20 years, AllSaints has spread to 27 countries and regions and opened 281 stores.

They have storefronts in the UK, France, Ireland, Mexico, the U.S, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and China.

What is AllSaints Brand Known for?

AllSaints No Fun Short Sleeve Shirt Jet Black LG
Source: Amazon

AllSaints has a full closet of fashionable clothing available to purchase. Some of their most well-known items include their coats and leather pieces, such as their moto jackets, combat boots, and bags.

Additionally, their printed dresses, like their dark florals are a must according to reviews.

Overall, AllSaints and its products revolve around a definitive look. The “AllSaints” look is unmistakable, with a gritty downtown overlay and more ethereal touches underneath.

Ultimately, what AllSaints is known for isn’t any one piece, but an image.

Is AllSaints a Popular Brand?

AllSaints is a popular brand when it comes to how well-known they are. However, it is quite a niche in terms of the customer’s taste.

What one person might find as unflattering, another may find as stylish.

AllSaints is definitely a love or hate brand for most consumers, but there are some pieces and styled outfits that will suit a larger group of consumers. The AllSaints look may not be for everyone, but a piece by itself might be more approachable.

The brand’s ability to mold a certain look without completely pushing out the opportunity for new clientele has contributed to its popularity.

Is AllSaints a Sustainable Brand?

AllSaints Raven Oth Hoodie Sacremento Green LG
Source: Amazon

Unfortunately, AllSaints rates are relatively low in sustainability.

In fact, most sustainability barometers online rate them low on pretty much every facet of their criteria. “Good On You,” a sustainability rating website, has rated AllSaints a 2 out of 5 for environmental impact, treatment of labor, and animal welfare.

While AllSaints does use a few recycled and other eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, there isn’t evidence to say that the amount they recycle and use decreases the textile waste created.

In fact, there is nothing to say it hasn’t increased, since the factories will need to consume more energy and resources such as water to break down old pieces while maintaining the manufacturing of new pieces.

AllSaints is not very transparent and if anything has been vague about the intricacy and legitimacy of its sustainability efforts.

In fact, there is no evidence showing that they have made efforts to minimize their carbon footprint. Rather, the brand has been called out in the past for greenwashing, a form of marketing that aims to build or maintain profit while taking advantage of new consumer awareness.

Greenwashing will often include the use of vague words associated with environmental change, such as “Green” and “All Natural,” without committing to the intended efforts for the climate.

It has also been found guilty of disregard for its labor. Much of AllSaints production is done in countries where child labor and abuse of workers are common.

Ultimately, AllSaints is not a sustainable brand and based on repeated offenses, is not likely to become one in the foreseeable future.

Are AllSaints Shoes Good?

AllSaints Manny Tie-Dye Grey 7 M
Source: Amazon

For shoes, AllSaints’ quality is 50/50. According to reviews, the craftsmanship and longevity of each design vary, sometimes to the point of inconsistency.

For instance, most of their boots and especially their Donita model, have been known to last and fit the foot comfortably. However, some reviewers have noted that the pair they received wasn’t what they’d expected.

Some shoes were much wider in the ankle and arch than the others. Others already had stitches missing or uneven seams.

Faults such as these could be attributed to the cheap labor that is outsourced to the company.

Some have also noted that the leather being used is subpar and not treated sufficiently. The soles within the shoes have also had problems with curling up over time, although some of these instances could be from natural wear.

On the other hand, AllSaints shoes generally fit true to size and several models are water-resistant. Some customers have had really great experiences with their AllSaints shoes, wearing them for years on end and with only a few naturally occurring issues.

However, we understand that for the hefty price of most AllSaints shoes, a mixed conclusion may not be good enough. We recommend trying a pair in person if a store is available.

If that’s not an option, then think about what you’d be wearing the shoes for. How often would you wear them and what material would suit you best?

Is AllSaints Clothing Good Quality?

AllSaints Vinia Ombre Dress Red 8
Source: Amazon

Just like their shoes, AllSaints clothing can be a hit or miss. It’s safe to say that a true designer brand wouldn’t have this much inconsistency.

Although AllSaints has a defined and memorable look, that hasn’t necessarily pushed them to make every piece consistent in quality.

Certain pieces, such as coats, jackets, boots, or bags, can become staples while other pieces will malfunction and fall apart quite quickly.

Again, this is probably because of their cheap labor outsourcing and not to mention an undoubted focus on productivity within the factories, which creates an irregularity in the products.

Additionally, AllSaints clothing can run small and their size range is really limited. For the high price tag, it’s hard to justifiably buy anything without already knowing the beloved status of a particular piece or being able to try things on yourself.

So to answer the question, AllSaints clothing can be of good quality if you either analyze something in the store or do your research on a particular item beforehand.


So, is AllSaints a good brand? It’s honestly hard to say. An iconic image with an inconsistent track record in quality control and ethical treatment sends this brand into a grey area.

We should all be making an effort to make more ethical choices as shoppers, and if AllSaints continues to utilize bad practices, you’re probably better off buying from them second-hand.

In addition, AllSaints prices have regularly stayed way above market price, so it’s safe to say that anything you’re going to buy from them needs to either be researched or tried on.

Ultimately, you can still get the edgy, yet soft look without contributing to unsafe practices or paying upwards of $300 for something that might not live up to the hype.

Can You Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

Can You Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

Can you dry clean a leather jacket? You can dry clean a leather jacket, but it may not be the appropriate way to care for your leather jacket all the time.

When your jacket is heavily stained, dry cleaning is considered, although the dry cleaning process can remove the natural oils from the leather jacket. Which needs to be restored after the dry cleaning process has been completed.

If you want to dry clean your leather jacket, you should take it to a professional dry cleaner who will be able to carefully handle your clothing without getting it spoiled.

The use of the washing machine and hand washing can often damage the leather jacket, so cleaning is mostly considered. Your leather jacket may not require washing or cleaning all the time, except if it is exposed to so many stains, dirt, or other weather conditions.

Do You Dry Clean Leather Jackets?

FERNGIRL Womens Button Front Faux PU Leather Jacket Shacket Casual Shirt Long Sleeve Blazer Coat with Bust Pocket
Source: Amazon

Yes, you can dry clean leather jackets by taking them to a professional dry cleaner or have them done by yourself at home.

Dry cleaning of leather jackets is mostly recommended over hand washing or machine washing due to damage from frequent washing.

If the stain on your leather jacket is not much, it is preferable to just clean it off instead of washing it, as this would ensure that your jacket is well preserved. Dry cleaners would know how to take proper care of your clothing.

How Much Does it Cost to Dry Clean a Leather Jacket?

The cost of dry cleaning your leather jacket would depend on several factors, such as the location of the dry cleaner, as urban dry cleaners would charge more compared to those in rural areas.

Also, the type of jacket, which can include the design and texture, would contribute to how much is going to be charged for the dry cleaning services.

On average, dry cleaning your leather jacket can cost between $40 and $100 while considering the above-stated factors. Dry cleaning of your leather jacket can cost so much, but it is definitely worth the price as it would contribute to keeping your jacket looking new all the time you wear it.

Another reason why the cost of dry cleaning your leather jacket can be pricey is that it is quite different from other types of fabrics as it requires much effort and time to have it properly cleaned.

How to Dry Clean a Leather Jacket at Home?

Lexol Leather Care Kit Conditioner and Cleaner, Use on Car Leather, Furniture, Shoes, Bags and Accessories, Trusted Leather Care Since 1933, Quick & Easy 2-Step Regimen, 16.9 oz Bottles Plus 2 Sponges
Source: Amazon

You may choose not to take your leather jacket to a dry cleaner for different reasons, and you are wondering if it is okay to have it dry cleaned at home. The answer is yes.

You can dry clean your leather jacket at home, although care must be taken. Dry cleaning your leather jacket at home is not so difficult to do if you choose to have it cleaned that way.

However, if you have very tough stains on your jacket, it would be better to take it to a professional dry cleaner to have it properly cleaned to avoid damage.

To dry clean your leather jacket at home, you can make use of the steps outlined below:

  • Get a damp soft cloth or material and use it to wipe your leather jacket thoroughly while particularly focusing on the dirt or stain spots.
  • You can repeat the cleaning process with another damp cloth to ensure that it is perfectly cleaned.
  • After thoroughly cleaning the jacket with the damp cloth, get a clean and dry towel and carefully pat the jacket dry.
  • Hang your leather jacket in the sun to have it properly dried.
  • After drying the jacket out, make use of a prescribed conditioner to moisten your jacket and maintain its color.

Can You Put a Leather Jacket in the Dryer?

No, it is not advisable to put your leather jacket into the dryer and you should never attempt to put your leather jacket into the dryer.

When you put a leather jacket in the dryer, it shrinks, causing the material to become damaged. It is often advised to sun dry or air dry your leather jacket after washing or dry cleaning it.

The natural oils and moisture that come with the leather jacket would be wiped off completely when it is put into a dryer, causing cracks and also letting the jacket appear flaky.

It is often advised to get the services of a professional dry cleaner so that you do not damage your jacket from improper cleaning. Leather is a very delicate material and must be handled with lots of care when washing or cleaning it.

The wrong use of detergent or other types of cleaning agents can damage your jacket and prevent you from wearing it again in the future after cleaning.

How to Clean a Leather Jacket Without Dry Cleaning?

CRYSULLY Men Classic Leather Style Faux Leather Multi Pocket Windproof Motorbike Jacket Grey
Source: Amazon

Handling and cleaning your leather jacket needs to be done with so much care and attention because it is very easy to have your jacket destroyed if not handled properly.

If you don’t want to dry clean your jacket, you can make use of other ways of cleaning your jacket by washing it with mild solvents or other leather cleaning products.

When selecting the cleaning products to use for your jacket, make sure you get the right ones because the wrong product or detergent can ruin the jacket completely.

It is important to note that you cannot wash your leather jacket with the same detergent that you use to wash other fabrics and materials. Doing so would ruin your jacket completely.

Some ways you can clean your leather jacket without dry cleaning include:

1. Making Use of Leather Cleaners

Carfidant Ultimate Leather Cleaner - Full Leather & Vinyl Cleaning Kit with Microfiber Towel for Leather & Vinyl Seats, Automotive Interiors, Car Dashboards, Sofas & Purses! - 18oz Kit
Source: Amazon

There are different types of leather cleaners on the market that you can buy. Get a good one and apply it directly to a piece of cloth to clean your jacket.

Rub the cloth with the cleaner gently onto your leather jacket, after which you can make use of a dry towel to dry it out and take it out in the sun to dry out.

2. Apply Leather Conditioner

Care & Cool Leather Conditioner, Protector, and Renovator (3.4 oz). The Best Waterproofing Leather Restorer for Shoes, Seats, Upholstery and More. Condition and Preserve Your Leather Products Durably.
Source: Amazon

After cleaning your leather jacket, the next appropriate thing to do is to apply a leather conditioner to moisten your jacket.

The conditioner would also help to keep your jacket soft, smooth and shiny. The leather conditioner can also be used if your jacket has been exposed to different weather conditions, like rain.

This would help the jacket to retain its luster and prevent any further damage to it.

How Often Should I Have My Leather Jacket Dry Cleaned?

How often you choose to dry clean your leather jacket depends mainly on you and how you make use of your jacket.

Furthermore, the stains on the jacket will determine how frequently you have it dry cleaned. If you wear your leather jacket often in a week, then you should consider getting it dry cleaned monthly.

If you wear your jacket once in a while, it is not recommended to dry it every month as it may drain the natural oils from the jacket while leaving it flaky and dry.

Professional dry cleaning services can be costly, but it is the best way to have your leather jacket cleaned properly.

Can You Dry Clean a Faux Leather Jacket?

Levi's Women's Faux Leather Classic Asymmetrical Motorcycle Jacket, BLACK, M
Source: Amazon

Yes, you can dry clean a faux leather jacket.

Faux leather is an alternative material that is used in manufacturing different types of leather clothing. It is generally not expensive as it is a cheaper alternative to real leather.

If you own a faux leather jacket and it is not properly maintained and cleaned, it can also get damaged by stains and other debris if it is not cleaned. That is why it is important to dry clean your faux leather jacket once in a while.

Also, just like with real leather, improper cleaning and washing can cause the jacket to flake and become brittle.

So if you don’t know how to properly care for your faux leather jacket, request the services of a professional dry cleaner.

How long does it take to dry clean a leather jacket?

A dry cleaning service may take up to 2-3 days to dry clean your leather jacket. However, this can depend on the texture of the jacket and the type of stains on it. Your dry cleaner will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take to have your jacket ready for pickup.

If you chose to dry clean your leather jacket by yourself or at home, the method you use would determine how long it takes to get your jacket cleaned for future use.

In whichever way you choose to clean your leather jacket, make sure you follow the instructions on how to clean a leather jacket so that you don’t damage it. Making it useless for further wear.


Dry cleaning your jacket is the best way to keep your leather jacket in proper condition for a very long time. If you have ever owned a leather jacket, you will realize that it is very important to keep its texture and color intact so as not to damage the clothing.

There are professional dry cleaners who can help you clean your jacket and make it look brand new. They can also assist you in caring for your jacket by advising you and giving tips on how to take care of your jacket in the best way for it to remain lustrous.

Dry cleaning of your leather jacket is expensive but actually worth the price. It also helps you to extend the life span of your jacket for a long time.

Why is Pompeii Jewelry so Cheap?

Why is Pompeii Jewelry so Cheap?

Why is Pompeii jewelry so cheap? Many people and jewelry lovers may find Pompeii not up to standard because they sell cheap jewelry.

Pompeii jewelry is so cheap because they retail their products online and are also a source for their materials locally thereby manufacturing their jewelry in the United States.

Pompeii is an online jewelry brand that is known to retail fine quality jewelry and engagement rings at very affordable prices as compared to other jewelry brands in its category. The reason why Pompeii’s jewelry is so cheap is that they purchase their diamonds and jewelry in bulk and all sales are carried out online.

Pompeii does not have a physical store, so they can save money and keep their prices low while still providing affordable jewelry to their customers.

Pompeii has jewelry starting from as low as $187 and as high as $22,000, depending on your budget and luxury.

If you are working on a budget, there is a Pompeii jewelry or engagement ring available for you. Also, if you are ready to splurge and get the most luxurious rings and jewelry go on to the Pompeii online store and place your orders.

Why are Pompeii Diamonds so Cheap?

Pompeii3 14k Yellow Gold 1/2 Ct Diamond Round-Cut Solitaire Pendant Women's Necklace
Source: Amazon

Pompeii is an online jewelry company that has been in existence for several decades. The company is located in the United States but owns an online store from where its diamonds and other jewelry are sold.

Many people believe that the reason why Pompeii diamonds are so cheap is that they are of low quality but that is not true as you would get to understand in this article. Pompeii offers different types of jewelry and engagement rings at a very affordable cost to its customers.

Although many have argued that the quality of the diamonds offered by Pompeii is quite lower than other top jewelry and diamond retailers. However, Pompeii strives to offer handcrafted jewelry through its online stores.

Pompeii diamonds are cheap because they are mostly man-made diamonds, and this allows for the availability of a variety of options to choose from by the customers. Pompeii makes sure to offer a large selection of affordable engagement rings and jewelry, as well as diamonds.

These jewels are all inspected and appraised by the brand’s certified gemologists. Pompeii also allows customers to customize their jewelry by offering a design consultation from the in-house design experts for free.

Is Pompeii Jewelry Good?

Pompeii is a good jewelry brand that retails fine jewelry, diamonds, and engagement rings. The brand’s jewelry is available based on any budget you might have.

If you are interested in spending on a budget, Pompeii is the right jewelry brand to buy from. They also have pricey jewelry and engagement rings for those who are ready to splurge.

Customers can get affordable diamonds and other jewelry with customized options if they choose to personalize their jewelry. The jewelry brand also offers a warranty that helps to cover the cost of repairs and cleaning of the jewelry without having to spend extra money.

Is Pompeii3 Legit?

1/2 ctw Diamond Solitaire Necklace & Studs Earrings Set 14K White Gold
Source: Amazon

Just because Pompeii3 retails affordable jewelry and diamonds does not make the company a fraud as most people think without even buying a piece of the company’s stock.

Pompeii3 is a legit jewelry brand that has been in existence for several decades now and counting and has made a successful spot for itself in the jewelry business. It is also known for its sale of affordable diamond jewelry and other metals and engagement rings.

Pompeii3 is an excellent jewelry option for customers who want to buy an engagement ring on a budget. You will definitely get a variety of options to select from without spending more than you want.

Not only are the engagement rings and diamonds affordable, but they are also made with good quality, perfect for your money’s worth.

Where is Pompeii Jewelry Located?

Pompeii is a US-based online jewelry brand that retails a variety of engagement rings, diamonds, wedding rings, and other fantastic jewelry pieces.

The brand is family owned and has been in existence for several decades. Currently, Pompeii is headquartered in Illinois, the United States, where they also manufacture their jewelry for sale.

The brand boasts of manufacturing and retailing high-quality jewelry and engagement rings at very affordable prices as compared to the market price while making sure to maintain customer satisfaction.

Pompeii maintains that its diamonds are made with the finest materials, which also include real diamonds. The pieces of jewelry are said to be handcrafted to make them unique and more personal for the user.

How Long Does Pompeii3 Take to Ship? 

5/8 Carat Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set White Gold - Size 7
Source: Amazon

Pompeii3 offers to ship its jewelry both internationally and domestically. Pompeii3 ships its jewelry within the first 10 days of placing the order.

A replacement package is sent to the customer or a refund is provided if, by 10 days, the package has not been delivered yet. The company does not cover shipping, VAT and other costs involved in shipping your package to you.

There would also be a need to choose a shipping company like FedEx, which would help in getting your package across to you.

It is important to note that the shipping costs and delivery time would vary greatly depending on whether it’s an international or local shipment and also the type of shipping company used.

Is Pompeii3 Jewelry Good?

Yes, Pompeii3 jewelry is good and very affordable as you can get just the right type of jewelry and engagement ring depending on your budget. Pompeii3 jewelry is said to be made with the finest materials to give quality and class to the jewelry.

Each of the fine jewelry and engagement rings sold on Pompeii3 is carefully appraised by the company’s gemologists to ascertain its quality and uniqueness. So you can be sure you are purchasing just the right type of jewelry according to your budget and luxury.

Pompeii3 diamonds are very much considered because they are budget-friendly and you can buy them according to your luxury and pocket size.

Are Pompeii3 Diamonds Real?

18K White Gold 4 Ct Diamond Tennis Bracelet 7"
Source: Amazon

Yes. Pompeii3 diamonds are regarded as real diamonds even if most of those sold are lab-grown diamonds.

The company states that their diamonds are real and that can be verified on the FAQ page on the company’s website. All diamond pieces retailed by Pompeii3 are thoroughly inspected and appraised by only certified gemologists and expert in-house appraisers before they are displayed for sale.

The availability and accessibility of the diamonds on Pompeii3 make it very affordable for anyone to own a piece of the gemstone. While strictly working on a budget, you can own a diamond from Pompeii3 without breaking the bank or spending all your life savings.

Does Pomeii3 Have a Warranty?

Yes, Pompeii3 has a five-year extended warranty plan, which is used to cover repairs, jewelry inspections, material defects, and workmanship.

The 5-year warranty also includes the different parts and labor used to fix the problems that have occurred during normal usage of the jewelry, consistent with the conditions for which it was previously designed.

The warranty plan also includes the resizing of engagement rings and the replacement and repair of broken jewelry.

During the time of the warranty, customers can ship their rings and jewels back to the company for the cleaning, inspection, and polishing of the jewelry at least twice. Pompeii3 also offers customers up to a six-month warranty on all its items.

Customers also have the option to select an extended five-year warranty plan by paying an additional fee of $65. This warranty plan can be renewed every five years.

Pompeii3 also boasts a fast and easy online financing application for customers interested in financing purchases made through Pompeii3.

What is Pompeii3 Return Policy? 

3 1/2 TCW 14k Yellow Gold Round Black Diamond Stud Earrings
Source: Amazon

Just like with any other jewelry company, Pompeii3 offers a return policy for customers who may not be satisfied with their purchase.

All orders that need to be returned must be initiated within the first 30 days after the package has been delivered. The item to be returned must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and packaged likewise.

Any damage done to the item on account of the customer’s negligence would not be accepted. However, if the damage done is the fault of the company or the delivery route, a refund or product exchange would be offered.

Now, this depends on what you, as the customer, want, and you can file for that which suits your needs. Pompeii3 also offers up to a 180-day complimentary ring resizing plan on all its engagement rings.


Pompeii is an affordable online jewelry retail brand that deals with all types of fine jewelry and engagement and wedding rings for both men and women.

Whichever occasion you need jewelry for, Pompeii has got you covered. The best part is that you can either decide to splurge or work around a budget in purchasing your desired jewelry.

To buy a piece of Pompeii, you have to visit their online stores as the jewelry brand currently has no brick-and-mortar store to work in and make your orders.

Is Lacura a Good Brand?

Is Lacura a Good Brand?

Is Lacura a good brand? Today, there’s a rise in more intensive skincare routines, with one in every five women increasing the time they spend each day layering on products.

And because of this, it’s no surprise that more than 80% of people who bought toners, cleansers, and serums last year said that price remains a key factor when they want to choose which item to buy.

This is the reason why budget supermarket Aldi which owns Lacura is following in the footsteps of ingredient-led yet affordable brands such as The Ordinary, Inkey List, and Beauty Pie.

ALDI Lacura has launched a brand-new premium skincare range that promises beauty lovers high-quality ingredients. But how good is their brand? Let’s check…

Is Lacura a Good Brand?

Lacura Day Face Cream Q10 Anti-Wrinkle
Source: Amazon

Yes, Lacura is a good brand. Their prices are affordable and fantastic, which means that you don’t require to take out a short-term loan just to buy good quality products.

One good thing you should know is that the Lacura range is also Leaping Bunny certified.

Lacura happens to be one of the few supermarkets that are across the UK and Ireland to guarantee that their beauty ranges are not tested on animals. However, there are six products to date:

  • Jelly Cleanser
  • Pineapple Microdermabrasion Scrub
  • Vitamin C Serum
  • Glycolic Exfoliating Treatment
  • Intensive Eye Cream
  • Multi-Peptide Moisturizer

All these products will save you £288 versus competitor items on the market.

Is Lacura Skincare Good?

I love this cream, and for years I have been having trouble finding something that doesn’t break me out (combination skin) or make my face itch. The Lacura skin care product truly hydrates my skin without my face itching.

Many of their users love how moisturizing the skin care product from Aldi felt. 5.0 out of 5 stars good product received shows that they loved its light texture which left no unpleasant residue.

All of their products are cruelty-free collections from Lacura, and this includes fruity sheet masks which happen to be 100% naturally derived day cream. It makes use of a variety of natural oils and elements in creating the results.

This shows that all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients and are ideal for all skin types.

Who Makes Lacura Skin Care Products?

LaCura C | Calmness | Essential Oils Support | 15ml
Source: Amazon

The Lacura brand happens to be owned by ALDI Company which manufactures its products themselves in Europe. They are well known for manufacturing great beauty and skincare products and they take their inspiration from bigger brands.

I know you might have heard of some Lacura line of beauty and skincare products that you won’t see at ALDI. And from the customer reviews that they have been getting for some time show that there is a lot to be excited about.

And for many years, the Lacura brand has been available across European countries, and they are just starting to appear on the shelves in the US as well.

So if you don’t find this stuff for sale at other stores, this is because Lacura is an own-brand label that is made exclusively for ALDI, mainly in Europe,

Where to Buy Lacura Skin Care Products?

When it comes to being available in-store, ALDI is not well known for having consistency and you may not find an ALDI store near you. This means that it will be difficult to find and buy the best Lacura products that are out there.

Another bad news is that not all of ALDI’s Lacura products are available via their website. However, you might still find them because they are slowly rolling out these products into their US stores, but you won’t see all of them at your local ALDI for now.

So if you’re looking for a place where to buy Lacura skin care products, then you can try the ALDI website. Though a lot of the most popular ALDI Lacura items are often sold out, the best place to shop is via third-party options, such as Amazon or eBay.

Where are Lacura Products Made?

Lacura Face Care Hydrating Facial Cleanser 8.45fl oz 250ml (Made in Germany)
Source: Amazon

In case you don’t know, Aldi owns the beauty label, Lacura. They have launched a selection of premium skincare, beauty, hair care, and body care products, and they are available in stores and online to purchase starting from £3.99.

However, the luxe beauty line is still super affordable, which starts at a low fee of £3.99, and up to £14.99. Most of their beauty, skincare, and body care products are produced mainly in Europe.

Is Lacura Sun Lotion Any Good?

Yes, their sun lotion is one of the best on the market. As you may know, sunburn and skin cancer are tricky to fit into a rhyme scheme.

When going out in the sunshine, many of us already know that there are some risks to our skin. This makes us want to cover up ourselves with a hat and long sleeves.

However, we should avoid going out between 11 am and 3 pm. This is exactly when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest, and regularly.

There was a consumer survey for Channel 5 Shop Smart: Save Money that shows that discount sunscreen from Lacura ADI helps to protect us better from ultraviolet rays.

According to the show that compared six popular sunscreen brands with SPF 30: Nivea Sun, Garnier Ambre Solaire, Piz Buin, Superdrugs, Boots, and Aldi shows that sunscreen has a ranking system of stars, with five stars being the best protection level.

When it comes to how good ALDI’s Lacura is, they get a five-star ‘ultra’ rating. What this means is that they provide the most complete sun protection lotion on the market. However, you’ll notice there’s still a price difference.

Here are 2 of their sun lotion you should consider

1. Lacura SPF 30 Clear Sun Spray

Note that having a colored cream isn’t always ideal, especially if for days you need to be outside the door and you don’t want to be re-applying on the go. This product is a clear option that instantly blends into any skin type with no chalky finish.

It is also said to provide immediate protection, which means there will be no hanging around for the recommended 20 minutes before hitting the sun.

2. Lacura Moisturizing After Sun 200ml

Even when you’re always reapplying sun creams and wearing a hat or sunglasses, sunburn can still happen to many of us. This means that we will need a good after-sun lotion.

When you want to take the heat out of the skin and soothe any burns, use this moisturizing solution to stay hydrated for 24 hours without a greasy finish.

Is Lacura Face Cream Good?

Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle 1.7oz Day & 1.7oz Night Face Cream Moisturizer with Bioflavonoid and Retinol Complex Set - All Skin Types. Dermatologist Tested European Skincare.
Source: Amazon

One of the reasons Lacura became well-known was when ALDI launched the Lacura Illumination day cream, which made every magazine editor shout about how it was the same as a £307 Caviar cream.

However, the best face cream in the world, the caviar cream comes with caviar extract which is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that pump up the skin and is also a super-powerful anti-aging active ingredient.

Note that the Aldi brand is clearly inspired by the La Prairie’s jar brand, and the Lacura Caviar Illumination faces cream brand is in a glass silver pot with blue accents. The truth is that I’ve been using this cream for over four months now, and I think I love it.

Having a little in my palms goes a long way. This is because the face cream is thick, and it is incredibly moisturizing. I truly have very dry skin and this face cream makes a massive difference.

One cream that’s worthy of mention is the Q10 Renew cream from Lacura which happens to be an Anti-Wrinkle Multi Intensive Serum that is surprisingly very close to the Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Serum from Nivea. This cream was designed to give you smoother skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Another advantage is that it is almost 5 times more affordable than the name-brand alternative.

According to customer reviews, the cream is equally effective. It is very ideal for sensitive skin because it’s not too greasy, and it is super hydrating.

The main ingredients include avocado oil, retinol complex, and coenzyme Q10.

There was a study that shows using the Lacura Caviar Illumination day cream, your skin will increase hydration after at least four hours by up to 60%, which will result in improved elasticity and smoother skin.


The Lacura brand is an ALDI brand that is well-known for manufacturing great skincare and beauty products that take their inspiration from bigger brands. The Lacura brand is being manufactured by themselves in Europe.

Many beauticians love the Lacura brand due to its quality and affordability. So in case you can get yourself some Lacura products, then note that they are definitely going to be worth your every penny.

But you may need to be very creative about how you can buy them. Their beauty products are also free of skin-stripping ingredients such as essential oils or fragrances and they are also cruelty-free certified.

Is Uniqlo a Good Brand?

Is Uniqlo a Good Brand

Is Uniqlo a good brand? Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion wear brand that retails low-cost clothing that is of very good quality.

Due to the affordability of the Japanese brand, many people usually ask if Uniqlo is a good brand.

Uniqlo is a good brand that provides good quality and stylish clothing for its customers. The brand was established in the year 1949 but was made very popular in 2016.

Today, Uniqlo has multiple stores worldwide where it offers affordable yet fashionable clothing. Uniqlo is said to make use of innovative and durable materials in manufacturing its clothing. Customers can shop for different types and styles of clothing at Uniqlo.

Is Uniqlo a Good Brand?

Is Uniqlo a Good Brand?

Yes, Uniqlo is a good brand. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand that offers different casual wear and designer wear for its customers.

The brand oversees the design, manufacturing, and retailing of its clothing, making it easily available to its customers.

Uniqlo was founded in 1949 in Hiroshima, Japan, and since then it has strived to remain relevant in the fashion industry. Uniqlo currently has over 2,000 stores that are operating in several countries around the world.

Fast Retailing is the parent company of Uniqlo. The brand is owned by Tadashi Yanai, who is currently considered the richest person in Japan.

Uniqlo offers some of the best contemporary and stylish clothing, which appeals to the modern generation. You will definitely find the latest trends in clothing from Uniqlo.

Is Uniqlo a Japanese Brand?

Yes, Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand that has stores in many countries around the world. The casual clothing brand has carved a niche for itself over the years while increasing its popularity, allowing it to also gain international recognition.

The brand makes affordable clothing available, which makes it very convenient for everyone to buy a piece of it. Uniqlo was founded in 1949 by its founder, who is currently the richest man in Japan, Tadashi Yanai.

The Uniqlo style of clothing and trends are greatly influenced by the Japanese clothing style.

Who Makes Uniqlo Clothes?

The answer to the question of who makes Uniqlo clothes is not really available as the clothing brand does not state who makes its clothing. However, the clothes are said to be manufactured in different Asian countries, which include China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, and India.

Oftentimes, the brand does not say where its clothes are made because people may think that since the clothes are manufactured in these countries, they are of low quality. This is not true, as Uniqlo makes sure that its clothes are made with premium materials and the latest technology.

Uniqlo creates a unique team known as Takumi, which includes a series of skilled artisans who create high-quality products. These teams of Takumi are sent to the different factories where the Uniqlo brand operates to engage in the manufacturing process.

Is Uniqlo Going Out of Business?

Is Uniqlo Going Out of Business?

No, Uniqlo is not going out of business but is becoming more popular in the fashion industry. Fast Retailing is the Japanese clothing group that owns the Uniqlo clothing brand.

The group has surpassed many fashion retail brands to stay on top of the game and become one of the world’s most valuable clothing brands. The Fast Retailing group has a market capitalization that stands at $105.6 billion, beating its other clothing retail brands like H&M and Zara.

Uniqlo continues to evolve and adapt to best practices such as making use of sustainable materials that are also eco-friendly in their production. Also, the brand practices ethnic working relations that allow its workers to feel valuable to the company.

Is Uniqlo a Sustainable Brand?

Yes, Uniqlo is a sustainable brand. Just like many other fashion brands, has started to adapt to the need to make use of sustainable materials in its production, as so also Uniqlo.

As a fast fashion brand, it is very rare for them to make use of sustainable materials. However, Uniqlo chose to be different even while offering affordable prices for its clothes.

Uniqlo makes use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in its production. The brand also reduces the amount of water it uses in its production process.

They also make use of raw materials while keeping the welfare of animals in check. Uniqlo eliminates waste by ensuring that pollution to the environment is kept to a minimum.

Does Uniqlo Have Good Quality?

Yes, Uniqlo has good quality clothing since they are said to be manufactured with the best and highest quality materials in the market. Uniqlo is known for its affordable and fashionable clothing, which is made to be long-lasting and easy to wear.

The clothing brand sources and manufactures its clothes in different Asian countries, including China, India, Cambodia, etc. Although the clothes are manufactured here in these countries, they are made available for purchase in different parts of the world where the brand has stores.

Is Uniqlo Worth it?

Is Uniqlo Worth it?

Yes, Uniqlo is worth it for the price it retails its clothing compared with the high quality it offers. Not many clothing brands in its category would be able to offer the type of high-quality clothing it does for low prices.

You may be able to purchase Uniqlo clothing for as low as $40 and as high as possible, depending on your budget. If you are on a budget, you can still buy stylish and trendy clothes from Uniqlo without spending so much.

Uniqlo has its clothing stores in different countries, and you can also make your purchase on its online store to have it shipped and delivered to your doorstep. When you think of affordable fashion wear, Uniqlo always stands out, and they are available to cater to your ever-growing fashion needs.

Is Uniqlo Better Than Zara?

Deciding on which brand is better between Zara and Uniqlo is not so easy as they are both unique fashion brands giving their best. Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that offers a wide selection of stylish clothing for everyone.

Uniqlo is a fast fashion brand that offers high-quality clothing that is yet affordable. Zara, on the other hand, is a fashion brand that allows you to rock your fashion game effortlessly.

Zara provides fashion enthusiasts with very fancy and seasonal wear that allows you to experiment with your outfits.

Uniqlo offers clothing that allows you to maintain your basic unique form of dressing, unlike Zara, which provides clothing that allows you to try out different fashionable styles. Both Zara and Uniqlo have a similar target market because they both focus on trendy wear, which is for younger adults and teens.

They both offer different products that allow you to be comfortable and still stay in vogue at any function or event you find yourself at.

When it comes to deciding which is better between Zara and Uniqlo, there is no clear winner as the choice of which to wear depends on you and, of course, your fashion sense and budget.

Are Uniqlo Shirts Good Quality?

Yes, Uniqlo shirts are of good quality as they are made with HEATTECH technology. This technology is used to retain heat in the cloth and it is also referred to as a moisture-wicking mechanism.

With this technology in place, people who wear Uniqlo shirts by Uniqlo can feel warm even during serious winter or cold weather conditions. Also, there is the AIRism technology, which provides a quick drying mechanism to keep the wearer dry all day.

With this in place, the customer can feel very comfortable in the shirts retailed by Uniqlo. The Japanese brand ensures its customers get the best clothing while ensuring maximum comfort, durability, and affordability.

Is Uniqlo a Luxury Brand?

Is Uniqlo a Luxury Brand?

Because of its low cost of clothing, Uniqlo is not considered a luxury brand by fashion enthusiasts because Uniqlo focuses its attention on creating fashionable casual clothes that can be worn for everyday events.

If you need basic day-to-day wear that is stylish and trendy, Uniqlo should be your one sure stop.

Uniqlo offers very affordable prices for its clothing, which makes many still wonder if Uniqlo is a good brand and offers high-quality products. The answer is yes.

Uniqlo is a good brand and offers high-quality clothing regardless of its low prices. The brand allows everyone with a fashion need to walk to their store and make a purchase of any type of desired clothing without spending more than their budget.

You will be able to find Uniqlo clothing such as hoodies, jackets, jeans, and so on for as low as $40 in some of its stores.


The Japanese clothing brand has been in existence for several decades and continues to stay relevant in the fashion industry by offering trendy clothes for everyone.

If you are on a budget but still want to look fashionable in your everyday clothing, you should consider buying Uniqlo clothing. The brand offers some of the highest quality products you can buy anywhere.

I hope the above article has helped you to understand the Uniqlo brand better and how to purchase their clothing.

When you next shop for clothes, buy a piece of Uniqlo and add it to your wardrobe collection.