Do You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes?

Do You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

Most beauty-conscious ladies want to find out – do you put mascara on fake eyelashes? Not everyone is born with the luscious, long lashes that we often see on social media and in magazines.

Frankly, most people are not born with them. This is why many makeup-wearers opt for fake eyelashes to elongate their natural lashes and emphasize their eyes. Fake lashes come in many shapes, styles, and lengths so wearers can find the look that best suits their face and eye shape. 

Many wearers wonder if they should be wearing mascara with their fake lashes since the lashes already add the dimension and boldness that mascara is supposed to. While it is not necessary, many makeup artists and makeup wearers recommend wearing mascara along with their fake eyelashes.

Wearing mascara with your fake lashes helps to seamlessly blend the real and synthetic lashes to create a more natural look. Again, this practice is totally up to your preference, but this is the popular method to create a more natural look, even while using a fake product. 

To apply mascara on your fake lashes, use your lash curler as normal around your real and fake eyelashes to create a symmetrical curl all around. Then apply a thin layer of mascara as normal. 

Do You Put Mascara On Individual Fake Lashes?

Instead of a strip of lashes, some makeup gurus and makeup wearers opt for individual fake lashes. These lashes are bought in a pack usually with small clusters of 2-3 individual lashes. They are applied by the cluster wherever the wearer sees fit on their real lash line. 

For individual lashes like this, you can still wear mascara, but be careful when applying it. These individual clusters may not be as secure as a strip of fake eyelashes, so extra care should be taken. 

Do You Put Mascara On Before or After Fake Lashes?

Do You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

While we know you can wear mascara with false lashes, when do you actually apply the mascara? Typically, mascara should be applied after you put on your fake lashes. You want to have a clean slate to work with when applying your falsies, meaning there should be no makeup already on your lashes.

If you put mascara on before your false lashes, you’re at risk for causing unnecessary lash clumping when you apply the falsies, or even damage to your lashes from using the curler to combine your lashes and false lashes together.

It could also prevent that seamless, blended look that is aimed for when applying false lashes on top of your regular lashes. 

Do You Put Mascara On Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are the new craze for those who struggle to apply false lashes. False lashes are difficult and need a steady hand, while magnetic lashes take away some of the struggles.

Magnetic lashes are typically 2 strips of lashes per eye with a small, thin magnet on each strip. One strip is applied above your natural lash while the other is applied below, causing them to stick to each other. They are a great alternative to traditional false eyelashes

You can still wear mascara with magnetic lashes as you would with other false lashes, but again, it is up to preference. To apply mascara to magnetic lashes, brush on a thin coat after lash application as you would with normal false lashes. Make sure you apply gently so as to not pull either the top or bottom lashes off, separating the magnetic strips.  

Can You Put Mascara On Mink Lashes?

Mink lashes are known as the luxury of the fake eyelash community. They are often softer, more realistic, and tend to cost more than your basic false lashes from the drugstore. Many false lash brands like Kiss and Ardell also sell mink lashes along with their regular fake lashes. 

Similar to other fake eyelash brands, you can wear mascara with mink lashes. Mascara should be applied as a thin coat with mink lashes after they are applied over the top of your normal lashes.

Like other fake lashes, apply the mink lashes on your clean natural lashes, then gently curl your natural and false lashes with your curler and apply mascara to create a seamless, natural look. 

Can You Put Mascara On Lash Extensions?

Do You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

Lash extensions are done professionally and are individual lashes that are carefully and strategically glued to your lash line to create fuller, longer lashes. These extensions mimic the look of voluminous lashes that many try to get by using mascara.

Since they already make your lashes look longer and fuller, mascara is unnecessary and even unrecommended for lash extensions.

Lash extensions are very fragile and require a lot of maintenance. Removing makeup around the eye and washing your face requires more caution than usual to avoid the extensions falling out.

Mascara used with lash extensions can easily ruin the extensions since you will have to apply force to the lashes to remove the mascara. You will be wasting your money as well as your lash technician’s hard work.

You can however wear mascara on your bottom lashes still since lash extensions are typically only applied to the top lashes. Just remember to be extremely careful when removing the mascara so as to not damage the extensions.

How to Clean Mascara Off Fake Lashes

Like anything that goes close to your eye, you want to make sure fake lashes are sanitary before every application. Many fake lashes can be used multiple times, but need to be cleaned after each use, especially if there is mascara on them.

To clean your false lashes, start with your eyelashes and a clean towel on a table or countertop. Then, use a Qtip dipped in rubbing alcohol, micellar water, or makeup remover and gently rub off the mascara and lash glue.

If there is excess lash glue, you can gently peel it with tweezers, being careful not to damage the lash strip. Leave the eyelashes to dry and they are safe to apply again!

How to Apply Fake Lashes

Fake lashes can be tricky to apply. It takes a lot of practice to be able to apply them with ease. The first thing you want to do is measure the lash to your eye.

Everyone’s eye shape is different, and for a good fit, you want to match the length of the lash strip to the length of your lash line. Measure the spot where you need to trim, and then with scissors, gently trip the edge of the lash before you glue it to your eye.

Next, you need to put lash glue on the lash strip. Lash glue dries quickly, so it is a process you need to master. Most lash glue goes on a bluish-white tint and dries clear, so you can easily see when it is drying. Lash glue also comes with a small, thin brush to make applying it to the lash strip very simple. 

Once you apply the glue to the lash, with either your fingers, dull tweezers, or a lash applicator, you want to gently line up the lash to your lash line, getting as close to the edge of your eyelid as possible.

You want to be exactly on the edge of your lid, with no gaps between the fake lash and your real lashes. Starting at the inner corner and working your way across the lid, gently press the lash into your lid. This may take a few tries if you are inexperienced with applying fake lashes. 

Once the lashes are on, you can curl and apply mascara as normal!


Fake lashes are a great addition to any makeup look! The fake lashes should blend into your natural lashes seamlessly, which can be achieved with the help of mascara. While it is not necessary to use mascara along with your fake lashes, you definitely can. Just remember to take care of your lashes, both false and natural!

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