Are Cruise Vacations Worth It?

are cruise vacations worth It

Are cruise vacations worth it? In case you don’t know, cruises are loved by a lot of people all over the world since they provide lots of variety and a chance to see multiple places from the luxury of one hotel on the sea. But there is more to a cruise you need to know.

In case you’re wondering if cruise vacations are worth it, today’s article will give you answers. If you are someone who loves to cruise, then there are lots of reasons to believe that cruise vacations are worth it.

A lot of people get hooked on cruising, from the very first time they try it. But how long will you have these great reasons to cruise?

Are Cruise Vacations Worth it?

Are Cruise Vacations Worth it?

Yes, cruise vacations are worth it. This is because they have a lot to offer.

They provide fun vacations where lots of people want to travel. Additionally, they can offer great value to clients. While on a cruise, you can expect to have plentiful food options, lots of entertainment, and top-notch service.

Below are some of the reasons why cruise vacations are worth it:

1. Ability to See More than One Destination

If you don’t know, cruises are the best way to see multiple destinations in one trip. This means whether you’re cruising the Med or you’re touring Alaska, there are several iconic landmarks and locations to visit along the way.

Even as you travel to these unique destinations, you’ll see gorgeous scenery along the way. One thing you must know is that the journey across the sea is an experience in itself!

2. There’s Something for Everyone

When traveling with your family, or in a large group of friends, it can often be difficult to keep everyone entertained. But when onboard a cruise ship, they provide a wide variety of tasteful entertainment that guarantees something for everyone.

This is great whether you like to sit back and relax in the sun or you prefer to join the activities going on on the ship, you won’t be short of things to do when onboard a cruise liner.

3. It Provides Great Value

Cruise ships provide great value for money because you won’t only get shipped to wonderful destinations but your tours, food, and accommodation are all taken care of.

When onboard, you’ll be traveling in luxury. You will be enjoying great food and seeing amazing locations for the fraction of the price of a luxury beach holiday in one place.

4. Stress-Free Planning

Since cruises are carefully designed to suit lots of individuals and to take in several places, you won’t need to stress yourself organizing transfers, searching for accommodation in each location you get to or finding somewhere to spend each night.

All that’s needed is to select a cruise, and once selected and where you intend to travel from, the stress is over. Every other thing will be taken care of for you by the cruise management.

5. Choosing Your Next Holiday Destination

One other beneficial thing why cruise vacations are worth it is when you’re not sure where you intend to venture next, a cruise company can give you an idea of what may suit you while you’re on a cruise.

This means that if you’re keen to explore and you don’t have an idea where to go, the management of the cruise will give you an insight into what each location has to offer.

Are Cruise Drink Packages Worth it?

Are Cruise Drink Packages Worth it?

The cruise drink package may be worth it, it all depends. But before you decide to buy a drink package, I advise you to do a little math to know if it will save money or be an unnecessary expense for you.

Find out what type of drinks you’ll consume (wine, beer, soda, or whiskey) and know how many drinks you will consume each day. Let’s take an example, cocktails and wine may cost you about $10-12 each, getting beer may cost about $6-8 each, and when you want to buy sodas, energy drinks, bottled water, and tea and coffees may cost between $3-6 each.

So when doing your calculations, ensure you don’t forget to factor in port days.

In case you’re planning to spend the day in port, know that you won’t be consuming as many beverages as you would when on sea days. Even at that, you’ll still be paying full price for the beverage package.

Are Cruise Excursions Worth it?

Yes, a cruise excursion is worth it. However, it depends on the destination you’re planning to go to.  A cruise excursion is a good way to take a vacation with your friends and family.

Cruise excursions are also a great way to explore the destination and get off the boat for a bit. They are also a good way for people to experience cultures and customs in different countries.

Cruise excursions can be expensive and time consuming, but they are worth it if you want to explore the destination in depth.

Are Cruise Beverage Packages Worth it?

Are Cruise Beverage Packages Worth it

You need to consider many factors when deciding whether or not cruise beverage packages are worth it. The things to consider are the price of the beverage package, your cabin mates’ drinking habits, your drinking habits, the cost of individual drinks, and the drinks that are included in your cruise fare.

However, on average, the drink beverage package is simply not worth the price tagged. This is because most individual drink prices covered by the beverage package can be around $5 to $15 per day. But this depends on the cost of the package.

Are Cruise Holidays Worth it?

Yes, cruise holidays are very relaxing, affordable, and convenient. It allows you to see multiple cities and countries without unpacking your suitcase.

Though many would argue that they might feel trapped on board a ship, another thing is that there’s not as much flexibility when onboard.

Are Cruise Photo Packages Worth it?

Yes, cruise photo packages are worth it. Buying the full photo package can save you a little money compared to the alternative. It allows you to have lots of photos.

But you may ask, how many photos can I get with an unlimited photo package?

This depends on you! But there are more than 50 photo opportunities onboard, and this makes it easy to take many photos of your family. It also gives you the greatest value as you purchase an unlimited photo package which allows you to enjoy as many photos as you like.

Why is Cruise Vacation Popular?

Why is Cruise Vacation Popular?

In case you’re considering having your first cruise but haven’t yet leaped, then here are why cruise vacation is popular.

1. Cruise Vacations are Easy to Plan

Cruise planning is easy because the package that is included is transportation and accommodations. The only thing required is to pick your ship, itinerary, and cabin, then you go.

There’s no need to search for hotels in your price range, no need to coordinate your travel between different cities. There’s an opportunity to get your travel agent to arrange your airfare for you or even get a departure port within driving distance to reduce extra planning.

2. There are many Onboard Activities

The current cruise ships are designed to provide happiness. Do you want to pamper yourself at the spa while onboard?

That’s what cruise ships can provide. You can even be in the lounge in the sun reading a book while your family is playing basketball. There’s an opportunity to go for a wine tasting, an educational lecture, a computer class, or even a dance workshop.

You can also paint pottery, play bridge, do yoga, or learn a language. You can still dine at a casual buffet, a sushi bar, a fancy sit-down restaurant, a diner, or a steakhouse.

There are movies to watch, a comedy routine, a song-and-dance competition, and live musical performances.

3. Cruise Vacations Can Be Exotic

If you have always wanted to take a visit to Asia but are nervous about the language barrier, then a cruise is one of the best ways you can see the most exotic destinations in the world.

4. Cruising is Romantic

In case you have plans to rekindle the spark of love with your partner, a cruise vacation offers you plenty of togetherness. You can share side-by-side lounge chairs by the pool, you can have a table for two at dinner, and you can also take a dance class in the evening or share quality time onshore.

Note that cruise lines also provide special packages for vow renewals, honeymoons, and weddings onboard and onshore.

Is a Cruise Vacation Safe?

Yes, this is because ships floating on the seas are built and designed to keep you afloat while onboard. This means that guests can feel comfortable since there are life preservers, lifeboats, and life rafts for everyone onboard.

There is also sophisticated technology that helps in moving passengers away from the ship rapidly when required. But the bad news is that when it comes to other mishaps, the odds could be stacked against you.

However, for over five years now, there have been no pirate attacks on cruise ships. Though cruise ships worldwide have not stopped taking precautions when it comes to traveling in areas that have a history of pirate activity.


As you can see, cruises are great ways to enjoy a varied, and fulfilling experience. So if you’re wondering and asking, are cruise vacations worth it?

Then note that they give you a chance to explore the world in an in-depth way. This is perfect if you want to travel but without having to worry about organizing your trip.

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