The Best Types of Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Shoes are an important aspect of your attire and you need to select them carefully to make a good match when considering shoes to wear with leggings.

They are not just a protective wear for your feet; they are an integral part of your fashion style.

There are different shoes that you can wear with your leggings, but you cannot just wear them any way you want. See some of the different types of shoe options that you can wear below. 

You must wear specific shoes to compliment the type of leggings you are wearing and take into consideration other factors like weather, color match, purpose of the attire, etc.

For instance, the kind of shoes you will wear with leggings during the winter season may be different from the kind of shoes you wear during the summer or spring seasons.

Also, the kind of shoes that you can wear with Capri leggings may be different from the shoes that you will wear with a business casual leggings outfit or active leggings.

Some people are often confused about the type of shoes to wear with leggings.

Let's look at the different type of shoes that you can wear with your leggings and how you can get the best value from any of them.

Slippers and Sandals with Casual Leggings

ANNA Shoes Womens Glory-100 Sandal Silver,7.5 B(M) US,Black

Slippers can be the footwear of choice for casual leggings. Most of you wear leggings when relaxing at home or taking a casual walk in the evening and wearing a nice pair of slippers will make you feel more relaxed.

You can find many beautifully designed casual slippers that you can wear with leggings without spending so much money on them.

Most slippers are designed with flat soles and the straps are usually made from either leather, plastic, or synthetic material.

Sandals on the other hand have flat soles and heeled soles. You can decide which type of sandals you want based on your preferences.

Sandals are also a better option to wear than slippers if you are wearing leggings to an informal meeting.

You can find beautiful inexpensive sandals that are open or close toes to wear with your leggings.

Flat Covered Shoes with Leggings

Flat shoes (Flats) are a good option for footwear when you wear leggings as a business casual or for informal meetings. They make a perfect combination when wearing a nice tunic or sweater with leggings.

Ollio Women Ballet Shoes Cute Casual Comfort Flat ZM1987(8 B(M) US, Beige)

The most important reason why many people prefer wearing leggings with flat shoes is the comfort they get from wearing these shoes especially if you will be doing a lot of walking.

Flat shoes are also perfect for wearing them with your leggings during the summer season.

Flat shoes come in different designs and colors that are suitable for making the best match with your dressing.

They are designed as covered shoes and are usually made from leather or other suitable synthetic materials.   

Trendy Heels are Gorgeous with Leggings

You can also wear leggings with high heel covered shoes.

This is a good choice or option if you want to wear leggings as business casual to a semi-formal meeting or an informal event.

JENN ARDOR Stiletto High Heel Shoes for Women: Pointed, Closed Toe Classic Slip On Dress Pumps-Black

It is ideal to wear leggings with plain colors or plaid patterns for this for meetings or events like this.

You can also wear a good shirt or long tunic with the right color combinations to have a great look.

High heeled covered shoes are typically made in black and brown colors, but you can find them in various colors sometimes.  

Boots are Beautiful with Leggings

Boots are very popular shoes to wear with leggings. You can look very nice when you do a good combination of leggings, a top or tunic with the right type of boots.

There are different types of boots for women to wear with their long shirts and leggings outfits.

Boots are also the best type of shoes to wear with leggings during cold winter seasons or during a rainy or snowy day.

You can find these shoes in different designs and colors that will match well with your dress combination.

The boots are typically made from animal skin, leather, or other synthetic material. You can find boots that are flat soled as well as those with heels. 

You will always find good options for your outfit depending on your preferences or dress choices.

There are two major types of boots, and they include -: Ankle Length Boots and Knee Length Boots.

Ankle Length Boots -:  Ankle length boots cover the legs up to the ankle area and they come in different kinds of designs.

You can wear your leggings with ankle length boots that have flat soles, heeled soles, and even wedge sole designs.

TOETOS Women's Boston-03 Taupe Block Heel Side Zipper Ankle Booties Size 12 M US

The boots come in different colors especially black and brown which are often the most common colors.

People are often concerned about whether it is fashionable to wear ankle length boots with leggings.

There is nothing wrong with wearing ankle length boots with leggings if it fits and matches well with your other outfits (leggings, top/tunic, jacket etc.).

Some of these boots are designed to have shoe laces while some do not have shoe laces. There are several design options and you will certainly find the option that is most suitable for you.

Knee Length Boots -:  Knee length boots as the name implies extend all the way to the knees. Some of the boots may even extend slightly above the knee.

Global Win Women's KadiMaya16YY25 22Boots (8.5 M US Women's, Dark Grey)

There are several types of knee length boots that you can wear comfortably with leggings.

You can wear them at anytime you want but you will get additional benefit from wearing them during cold weather and winter season especially on snowy days.

There are lots of inexpensive knee length boots with simple but nice designs that you can get if you are on a budget.  

You can also find several premium designs that in different colors that can match well with your leggings outfit.

Sneakers are Awesome with Leggings

Wearing sneakers with leggings is a nice way of depicting the athleisure trend nowadays. You can get a nice trendy athletic look by wearing a pair of sneakers with your favorite leggings and a nice top or tunic.  

YILAN Women's Fashion Sneakers Casual Sport Shoes PINK-10

You can go for this option especially on days you expect or want to do some walking or if you just want to wear a comfortable outfit.

This can be a good outfit for traveling as well as evening walks.

There are different types of sneakers that are beautifully designed and affordable as well. Most of these shoes are comfortable to wear because of the flat soles and soft inner lining with padding. 

Loafers are Stylish with Leggings

206 Collective Women's Leona Slip-on Loafer, Black, 8 B US

Loafers are very good option of shoes that you can wear with leggings especially if you want to look stylish and beautiful. They are very comfortable to wear and fit nicely with a variety of dresses. 

Most loafers have flat soles which make them very convenient for ladies especially those who may not like to wear high heeled shoes.

You can wear loafers with leggings and style your dress to match various outfits. For instance, loafers can be good shoes to wear with your business casual leggings dress style.

 You can also wear loafers with leggings for an evening outing or a party. You can wear them for almost any occasion that does not require any physical activity.

These shoes are produced in various designs and colors and you will find on that is not just affordable but best fit for your needs.

The Best Shoes to Wear with Leggings to Work

You cannot just wear any type of shoes with leggings to work. You should dress in a way that depicts seriousness and professionalism when you are going to work.

You should seriously consider dressing in a business style even if you work in an office where you can dress casually. This is because studies have shown that the way you dress often affects our performance at work.  

You should wear business casual leggings with high heel covered shoes or ankle length boots so that you can feel comfortable and at the same time have a business minded appearance.

There are several options of ​dresses to wear with leggings for work and covered shoes (both flats and heeled covered shoes).

There are also different types of ankle length boots that you can choose from with excellent color combinations that you can use to make a perfect office outfit match.

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