Long Shirts and Tunics to Wear with Leggings

Many ladies are often confused about the kind of tops, long shirts or tunics to wear with their leggings. Wearing the right tops or blouses with leggings can make the perfect dress combination when done correctly. 

In case you are wondering which tops, tunics, blouses or long shirts to wear with leggings, see the examples below. It will help you think about the different ways you can style your leggings.

Sleeveless Summer Flowy Tunic Top

Zeagoo Women's Sleeveless Summer Flowy Top Chiffon Floral Loose Tunic Tank Tops, Floral 1, Small

This is a casual loose flowy tank top blouse that is made largely from polyester with some percentage of spandex. The sleeveless floral tank top has a round neck scoop neckline, back pleated design and a rounded shirttail hem. It is a good casual wear for summer, fall and spring. It is long enough to cover the hips and a perfect top to wear with leggings.

Irregular Hem Printed Sleeveless Blouse

BOCOTUBE Women's Irregular Hem Printed Sleeveless Blouse Loose T-Shirt Tunic Tank Top,Black,Small

A round neck sleeveless floral print tank top tunic blouse with irregular hem made from cotton and polyester material. It can be worn with leggings or skinny jeans and it is a perfect outfit for hot summer days. It is long enough to cover the hips and it an be a good choice of dress for cocktail, evening outings, or for relaxation. This floral multi-color dress can be styled with jewelry to have a beautiful look.

Short Sleeve Floral Printed Tunic Top

Womens Short Sleeve Floral Print T-Shirt Crew Neck Swing Casual Tunic Tops Blouse (Large, Multi Gray)

This top is a short-sleeved long flowy tunic blouse with irregular asymmetrical hem made from floral printed fabric. The material is 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes the fabric stretchy and the dress comfortable to wear. The dress has a round neckline with short sleeves with asymmetrical hem. It is a perfect match for wearing with leggings and skinny jeans and a good item to have in your wardrobe for summer and spring fashion.   

Long Sleeve Tunic with Layered Scoop Neck

Floral Find Women Long Sleeve Blouse Layered Scoop Neck Tunic Loose Fit Dress (Small, Blue)

This is a long sleeve blouse with a layered scoop neck. It is a loose-fitting dress made from fabric that is mostly polyester and only 5% spandex with a chiffon lining. The length is long and suitable to wear with leggings, tights, and boots. The front side is lined with chiffon to make it thick enough to hide any outline from bra or undergarment. This tunic top is perfect outfit for casual outing, leisure, travel and casual home wear.

Women's Long Sleeve Tunic Top

Popana Women’s Tunic Tops for Leggings Long Sleeve Shirt Plus Size Made in USA X-Large Burgundy

This is specially designed to be used with leggings and any other pants like skinny jeans. The 3/4 sleeve tunic top is produced in a variety of colors and floral pattern designs with loose fitting casual v-neck design. It can be paired nicely with boots and jewelry to create a unique style that will make you comfortable, confident and beautiful. It is a good dress to wear with leggings for summer and spring fashion.

Shoulder Long Sleeve Tunic Blouse 

Daily Ritual Women's Terry Cotton and Modal Cold Shoulder Tunic, XL, Black

This shoulder tunic by Daily Ritual is made from a combination of polyester, modal and spandex materials. The pullover styled tunic blouse is designed with an off-the-shoulder neckline and elongated hem for extra coverage. It fits nicely with leggings and other pants and it is a nice top to wear for cocktail outings, travel, movie nights, and even travel. It is produced in various sizes and you can find one that is a right fit for you and in a color that you will love.   

Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tunic Sweater

Daily Ritual Women's Lightweight Open-Crewneck Raglan Tunic Sweater, Dark Olive, XS

This Daily Ritual lightweight open crew neck raglan tunic sweater is another great option for a tunic top to wear with leggings, skinny jeans or pants generally. It is an elegant classic crew neck sweater designed with a subtle scoop neck and offset hem. It has little side slits with extended back length that produces a nice shape for the top. It can be worn with leggings during any weather especially fall and spring, and it is available in various colors.

Flowy Sleeveless Tunic Top

12 Ami Basic Solid Long Flowy Tank T-Shirt Tunic Black XL

This is a nice fitting flowy long sleeveless tunic that is a great fit for wearing with leggings. It is designed to have a semi-symmetrical hem with a closed-up crew neck design and it is made mostly from rayon material with some spandex. The dress is available in several colors and sizes that fit nicely and beautifully bringing out your best shape. It can be used as a casual wear, or for summer and spring evening outings etc. 

Sleeveless Round Neck Flowy Tank Tops

Isaac Liev 3 Pack Women's Sleeveless Tunic – Round Neck Swing Flowy Long Tank Tops (Small, Olive, Charcoal & Black)

This set of three sleeveless tunic dresses are designed with a round neck swing flowy long tank tops. They are made largely from rayon fabric material and some spandex material. the lose flowy design makes it very comfortable to wear it leggings for casual outings, and leisure activities or events. It can also be paired with skinny jeans and layered with a cardigan or jacket. Each set of three tunic blouses has distinct colors like black, navy blue, and burgundy.   

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Importance of Wearing Long Shirts and Tunics with Leggings

Long shirts and tunics are very useful beyond just being a great outfit to wear with leggings.

They bring a great sense of decency and maturity to your dressing especially if you are wearing them to an event or meeting that is not a casual hangout event.

Long shirts and tunics help in covering up features that often cause embarrassing moments when you wear leggings.

They can cover up crotch area preventing unnecessary exposure especially when there is a likelihood of creating or causing “Camel Toe” effect when you wear your leggings.

These outfit can also cover your waist properly and prevent exposure of your lower waist “butt cleavage” when you bend down. This exposure is often common when you wear a short top with leggings that are not high-waist leggings. 

There are beautiful designs of long shirts and tunics that you can wear with your leggings to get that elegant look and the pleasure of having a good sense of style.

Types of Long Tops to Wear with Leggings

There are different types of long tops that you can wear with your leggings for different activities and events.

Long Tank Tops/Vests 

Long tank tops and vests are mostly used for exercise and usually worn with exercise or active leggings.

Some people also use long tank top for layering to cover their waist, hips and butt so that they can be more comfortable wearing short dresses without unnecessary exposures.                                                                                                  
You can also wear them as casual wear both at home and even outdoors especially on hot summer days. Most of the designs are made from breathable materials that allow easy exchange of air through the clothing.

Some of the tank tops are fitted with bra and there are several designs that you can pick from. Some have spaghetti shoulder straps while others have normal wide straps. 

You can also pick from long tank tops that are fitted and those that are not fitted with asymmetric shapes.

Long Tee Shirt Tops 

Long tees are another good option of tops that you can wear with leggings. You can wear them as a layering top when you want to wear your leggings with a jacket.

You can also wear them for your casual outings as well as wearing them with leggings as travel wear for your trips.

T shirts are usually made with a variety of features and designs that you can choose from. Some are designed to have V -necks while others have round crew necks.

The neck designs could either be closed or open lower neck designs. Some of the tee shirts are designed to be lose while others are made to be tight fitting.

The t shirts are also made from different materials like cotton, polyester etc.

Long Tunic Dresses

Long tunic dresses are very good options of tops that you can wear with leggings. There are numerous beautifully designed tunic dresses that you can use to make a perfect match with your leggings.

You can wear tunic dresses with leggings for wide array of events and activities depending on how you combine them with other dress accessories.

You can wear them for casual outings with family and friends, you can wear them as business casual outfit for work, you can wear them to semi-formal meetings like church or community events.

You can find various designs of tunic dresses that will fit perfectly with your dress style and budget. Many of these dresses are designed in asymmetrical shapes with beautiful features. You can also find them in symmetrical shapes as well.

There are good long tunic dresses that are sleeveless, short sleeved and long sleeved as well.  

The dresses also come in different colors, materials, and designs. It is common to find many of them made with floral design materials, but you can also find them different colors too.

Long Shirts for Leggings

You can wear long shirts with leggings and create a unique fashion style using in combination with various fashion accessories.

There are different types of long shirts that are nicely designed in a manner that makes them to be a good match with leggings.

You can wear them for various activities and events like movie nights, weekend parties, as well as other casual and semi-formal events.  You can also wear them with leggings for work if business casual outfits are permissible at your office. 

Long shirts are a good choice for many people with different shapes and sizes. It can be a good fit for people with body shapes that do not allow them to wear certain clothes especially tight-fitting dresses.

There are a variety of long shirts that you can wear with leggings, some are made in plain colors, while others can be found in plaid designs.

You can also find them as sleeveless shirts, and short and long-sleeved shirts.

You can also find the shirts in different colors and many of them are designed in floral designs with different types of clothing materials like cotton, polyester, silk etc.

Extra Long Shirts for Leggings

These types of shirts are commonly used by very tall ladies and women who want to wear tops that cover their body properly.

Some ladies who like these shirts may prefer them because of the extra length.  Most of these shirts fit very well with leggings and you can have stunning looks with them when you wear them with the right shoes and accessories.

You will find the shirts in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.

Cheap Long Shirts and Tunic Tops for Leggings

It is okay and reasonable if you want to wear nice long shirts and long tunic tops with leggings without spending a lot of money on it. You can find a lot of good options of tunics that are very affordable irrespective of your budget.

This category of tops can be a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an item you don’t intend to use for more than a few times.

You can find a lot of nice long tunic designs that are reasonably priced on marketplaces like Amazon. Check Amazon to see some of the best affordable long shirts and tunics that you can wear with leggings.

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