10 Best Foundation for Textured Skin

Applying makeup on textured skin surface can be quite a bit of work and often the results are disappointing. it is important to know the best foundation for textured skin that you can use and how you can apply it for best results. 

This is very important for people with oily skin, acne scars, large pores, dry skin etc. because these conditions affect the skin surface and make it difficult to apply makeup easily without foundation.

There are different types of foundations that can work well with the different skin types. See the table below for some of the best options of foundation makeup for uneven skin.

Prices accurate as of:

Dermablend Cover Creme Full Coverage Foundation

Dermablend Cover Creme High Coverage Foundation with SPF 30, 20W Almond Beige, 1 Oz.

Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation provides full coverage with mineral sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 30 protection from sun damage. It also hydrates the skin producing a flawless, natural finish that does not feel or look cakey or masky.

Dermablend foundation is fragrance free, non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin and easy to use. It is a versatile foundation makeup that can be used various purposes to provide maximum coverage. It can be used as a foundation, cream concealer, and cream contour. Dermablend provides smudge-free coverage for up to 16 hours.

Bare Escentials Original Foundation 

Bare Escentuals Original Foundation - Golden Medium 8g

Made from pure crushed minerals, Bare Escentials Original Foundation also contains original SPF 15 sunscreen protection against sun damage. It provides a flawless full coverage with natural glow and it is free from fragrance, oils, and preservatives. It is not irritating to the skin and it works just fine for people with sensitive skin. 

Sheer Cover Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation 

Sheer Cover Studio – Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation – Lightweight – Natural and Flawless Coverage – Deep Dark Shade – with FREE Powder Brush – 90 Day Supply /4 Grams

Sheer Cover – Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation provides a light, natural, and flawless coverage that creates the perfect airbrushed look. It uses optical filters that deflect light to create a smooth, glowing look.

It is lightweight and does not clog skin pores allowing the skin to breathe. Sheer Cover Studio mineral foundation is perfect for most skin types including oily, dry and combination skin types. It also provides a long lasting coverage that does not wear out easily.

Bella Terra Mineral Powder Foundation

Bella Terra Mineral Powder Foundation 9 grams, Brown Sugar

Bella Terra Mineral Powder Foundation provides flawless skin coverage and also works well as an under eye corrector and acne cover. It is a light weight powder that gives a long lasting coverage that does not wear out easily.

This foundation can also hide wrinkles and it provides sunscreen protection from sun damage. It does not contain preservatives or parabens, alcohols, addictives, talc or toxic chemicals. It is entirely animal and cruelty free. There are different powder shades to pick from.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation, Nude 40, 0.34 Ounce

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation is a lightweight foundation that blends easily to provide medium coverage. It is made from pure, gentle and selected minerals that evens and enhances skin tone, clarity and texture. This foundation is oil free and fragrance free. It also contains SPF – 20 that provides protection against sun damage to the skin.

BareMinerals Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Matte Foundation

bareMinerals Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Matte Foundation, Fairly Light, 0.21 Ounce

Bare Minerals provides the perfect foundation for oily skin and it is a lightweight, matte loose powder foundation that minimizes the appearance of pores, scars, and any imperfections. It also provides a sheer to full coverage with no shine. It gives the best results when it is applied at least twice a day.

Laura Geller New York Tan Baked Balance Foundation

Laura Geller New York Golden Medium Balance-N-Brighten Foundation

Laura Geller New York Tan Baked Balance Foundation balances and brightens skin tone. It contains color correcting pigments for weightless, creamy coverage that makes the skin look flawless and beautifully radiant.  

The foundation also contains antioxidants that protects your skin from aging and there are several shades for different skin tones that you can pick from and it is suitable for most skin types.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation - Beige 2

This foundation is made from four cosmetic grade natural ingredients. It is weightless and formulated to provide buildable overage with a smooth matte finish that can produce a subtle glow. It comes in various shades that fits perfectly with different skin tones. The foundation blends in very well with your skin, enhances the appearance your complexion and it works to conceal appearance of lines, pores, blemishes and any skin imperfections.

It is fragrance free, and does not contain any parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Foundation

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Compact Powder Foundation Spf 20, Natural Beige 60, .34 Oz. (Pack of 2)

Neutrogena mineral compact foundation is made from ingredients that are skin friendly and dermatologically tested. Most these ingredients are non-comedogenic, oil free and work well on sensitive skin. It also contains anti-oxidants and minerals that are blended and pressed into the foundation. This foundation is light weight and makes it easy to apply mess-free medium coverage make up that makes your skin to glow radiantly. 

It also contains SPF 20 sunscreen protection that shields your skin from sun damage. It contains most of the skin essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and it does not contain talc, fragrance and dyes.

Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation

Dermablend Intense Powder High Coverage Foundation, 25N Natural, 0.48 Oz.

Dermablend Intense Powder foundation provides an oil free medium that gives full makeup coverage with a matte finish. The foundation blends well with your skin, it can create a flawless coverage that does not look cakey and it lasts all day.

The foundation is made from ingredients that are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, fragrance free, and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Foundation for Textured Skin

It is important to get the right kind of foundation that is suitable for your skin. Some of the factors to consider when trying to identify the best foundation for your skin type include -:

  • 1
    Use the Right Shade of Foundation for Your Skin -: There are several types of foundation shades that are designed to match different skin undertones. You will have to get the right shade of foundation for your skin to get the best results from your makeup. You need to know your skin undertone to be able to correctly pick the right shade of foundation.                                                                                                          There are basically three kinds of undertones, these include -: cool, warm and neutral. Cool represents blue, red or pink skin. Warm represents golden, yellow or peach skin and Neutral means your skin is a combination of cool and warm colors.  
  • 2
    Get the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type -: The different types of foundations (powder, liquid, sticks) are made with different kinds of constituents or ingredients that are supposed to cater for the different types of textured skin. Some of the different textured skin types include oily skin, dry skin, skin with large pores or acne scars etc. You need to pick the right foundation with ingredients that address the specific needs of your skin type.                                                                                                         For instance, you need to avoid oil-based foundations if you have oily skin or acne prone skin. Stick foundation or one with moisturizing and hydrating components will be the best option for dry skin. Avoid foundation with ingredients that your skin reacts to if you have sensitive skin or consider buying one that is hypoallergenic. Another good idea to consider all the time is to get foundations with SPF sunscreen to prevent your skin from harsh effects of the sun.                                                                                               
  • 3
    Know the Right Level of Coverage for Your Skin -: The amount of foundation coverage or thickness of the layer is also very important to get the best results. Some of these layers of coverage include Sheer, Dewy, Satin, Semi-Matte, and Matte. See the details below. 

Sheer -: This is the ideal skin formula and it is available in tints as well as BB and CC

Dewy -:  This is a very thin layer that is not suitable for oily skin and it may not cover scars properly if you have any acne scars.

Satin -: This level can create smooth coverage of the skin and it is a good option for dry skin

Semi-Matte -: This layer provides significant coverage and it gives a natural smooth skin appearance.

Matte -:  This layer has significantly thick coverage with little water content and it is most suitable for oily skin.

4 Step Process of Applying Foundation on Textured Skin - Video

If you are not getting the kind of results that you really want when applying foundation, chances are that you may be doing it incorrectly. You need to follow this simple four step process of applying foundation on any textured skin for the best results.

  • 1
    Cleanse your skin -: First, you need to wash and cleanse your face to remove any debris, grime or excess oil from your skin before starting the makeup application process. You can use any suitable cleansing formula to do this.
  • 2
    Moisturize your skin -: The next step will be to moisturize your skin and make it supple for the foundation to settle in without forming creases or cracking later. There are different types of moisturizers that you can use. Try using one that compliments your skin type. For instance, consider using a moisturizer that has additives like hyaluronic acid and collagen if you have dry skin.
  • 3
    Prime your skin -: It is now time to prime your skin before you start applying your foundation. You can do this by using a good foundation primer to cover up any pores or creases on your skin and create a smooth canvas for the foundation. There are several good and affordable foundation primers that you can use.
  • 4
    Apply your foundation -: You need to apply it using certain application techniques for best results. Some beauty experts recommend that you begin application at the center of the face and blend outwards. Try to use tools that like foundation brushes and beauty blender to get good results.                                                                    Also, ensure that you cover up your foundation makeup with setting powder or setting spray and remove any excesses with a blotting paper. This will ensure that your makeup lasts for a long time without breaking up or getting wet.  
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